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Tune in! HD Columbo now streaming on Amazon Prime

Columbo Fade in to Murder
Columbo in HD looks even better than this! Hard to believe, but true…

Keen viewers looking to enjoy Columbo in glorious high definition can yell ‘HUZZAH’ in glee after Amazon Prime added 9 episodes to its streaming service.

Pilot episodes Prescription: Murder and Ransom for a Dead Man are available to stream, as well as all 7 episodes from Season 1, including blockbusters Murder by the Book, Death Lends a Hand and Suitable for Framing. Check out your options here.

The news is a welcome boost to Columbo lovers after the show was taken down by Netflix in 2016, much to the consternation of firm fans – some of whom even started (unsuccessful) petitions to get the streaming giant to make it available once again.

Columbo Double Shock cookery scene
When will the back catalog of Dexter Paris’s TV cookery show become available?

Fans without their own DVD sets have limited options to stream the world’s greatest detective show. The official Columbo YouTube channel has a rotating selection of 6-7 episodes available in HD, although these are blocked in numerous countries, including the UK, Canada and France.

And while I can’t vouch for precisely where you’ll be able to enjoy Columbo on Amazon Prime (it’s not available in Australia where I am), this is at least a positive step – and one which will presumably see additional series added on an on-going basis. No one can complain about that, right?

Check out Columbo on Amazon Prime here.

Do let me know if Columbo is available to stream on Amazon where you are! And any commentary around the sound and image quality will be most welcome to fans around the world!

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Columbo Playback
Did you know? Harold Van Wick invented HDTV as far back as 1975. WOW!
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19 thoughts on “Tune in! HD Columbo now streaming on Amazon Prime

  1. Ok, great comments listed! Appreciate the updates on streaming. I don’t know why IMDB did this, but only seasons 1-3 are in HD, and., of course, no 90’s episodes. Was this the same as Netflix (before I was watching Columbo since back in the day)..but as you noted, no Peacock has all the episodes in HD, including all the latter episodes in widescreen, with no apparent cuts!! Watching “Columbo Cried Wolf” in HD, and looking forward to your review. One of the episodes that has very divergent range of opinons.

    • I’m halfway through that review now, hope to publish next Sunday. As for quality of Columbo on Netflix, I’ve not seen it as it was never available in Australia (and cant be viewed on Amazon or Peacock here either).

  2. Great news, I just downloaded the nbc app peacock which is free- All seasons and episodes of Columbo are streaming on this app!! Thank you for this website- it’s great.

  3. Not sure if this just happened but for those who may not own the dvd sets, Prime through imdb tv now shows all the original seasons as available to stream.

  4. Great news! As of 8/12/19 seasons 1-3 are available on Amazon prime (all episodes with commercials from IMDB). This is wonderful news!

  5. Hello columbo fans , If you dont have access to Amazon prime If you live in Britain you can watch 6 episodes this Sunday on 5 USA starting at 9.20 AM with candidate for crime followed by Swan Song, Caution! Murder can be Hazardous to your health , Murder a self portrait ,
    A friend in Deed and to wrap it up Blueprint for murder ending at 9 PM so plenty of great Columbo to get your teeth into

  6. I just noticed that Amazon has added several 1minute+ commercial breaks during the Columbo episodes. Is that just my Amazon Prime or are others affected by this as well? You can’t fast forward through the commercials, so I immediately silence them when they come on, then turn up the volume once the episode resumes. I despise commercials with a passion usually reserved for one’s enemies.

    I checked some of the other shows and movies in Prime video and they don’t seem to have commercials….yet, except for the beginning few seconds of each program which preview Amazon produced series, but you can skip over them. Anyone else notice these new added commercial breaks? I pay for Amazon Prime so this really sucks.

  7. Hello Columbophile Great Blog ,First I would
    Like to say RIP to Rip Torn Mister Lemma in Death hits the Jackpot one of My most liked episodes and also what i feel is one of the better new runs which sometimes dosent get the recognition it deserves , was even more enjoyable at least 10 of the Seventies episode , He was a great Killer and put in a fine performance. It seems we are starting to lose some of the stars from the new run , I Have never heard columbophile mention Death hits the jackpot but im sure columbophile would agree that is was a memorable romp

  8. I’ve got the 1st, 3rd, and 4th seasons on DVD, but this is so much easier and better quality. If you can’t stream it, try using VPN. Sooner or later it will find a dynamic IP address that will work.

    I’m binge watching today. I wonder if they’ll run all the subsequent seasons on Amazon. I’d like to see some of the later, non-classic era shows in something better than VHS quality, as most of them currently online were recorded right off A&E. The only post classic era DVD I have are 6 episodes from ’91-’93, via Universal.

    I’m watching the Lee Grant episode now, and the detail shows her freckles in HD. Man, she was hot back then, probably mid-late 40’s, after the HUAC blacklist due to her husband being outed by Edward Dmtryk as subversive.

    Just wondering if that thick head of red-ish hair during this episode was a wig. Would like to have seen her real life daughter Dinah Manoff in the role as Margaret, the angst ridden stepdaughter. She was also a cutie around this timeframe. Like mother-like daughter, I guess.

  9. I have complete boxed set of DVDs! I’m always enjoying them when I feel like it! You know what funny I don’t like to watch things over and over but I never get sick of columbo! I wish he were still here young and healthy to do more shows! Love him! Rip mr Falk God bless you!!

  10. Check it out: I have Amazon Prime. BUT: This title isn’t available in your location


  11. WOW!! Great news.


    I’ve had all the Colombo’s from Hallmark Movie Channel in HD forever on my DVR and it’s been great. I also have the complete Columbo DVD box set. Which is great.

    But now that you just said it’s on Amazon Prime… I just logged into Prime on my lesser quality laptop…. WOW stunning stuff.

    I tried streaming Prime and going back and forth to DVR/Prime… did some comparisons and it’s absolutely fabulous on Prime. I’m really psyched about this thanks so much for letting me know about Columbo on Prime & Season 1 is always classic. Video & audio quality is amazing and it allows you to have different settings as far as your download speed is concerned. I have very fast speeds with Comcast Xfinity 1 in the New Haven, CT area, fastest available 2nd only to Verizon FiOS.

    Thanks for everything you do, I just got turned onto Columbophile about a month ago and your just awesome. Have a great day brother and thanks so much again



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