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Columbo full episode: Negative Reaction

Columbo Dick Van Dyke

Why the long face?

Cor Blimey guv’nah, Dick Van Dyke proved there’s much more to him than Mary Poppins‘ chipper Cockney with a chilling turn as murderous photographer Paul Galesko in superior Columbo Season 4 outing Negative Reaction.

Now you can enjoy Columbo Negative Reaction in full online thanks to the official Columbo YouTube channel. And I really mean enjoy, because this is a cracking outing, featuring some of the series’ funniest ever scenes, a victim it’s hard to care about, a gotcha moment right up there with the best of ’em and Van Dyke sporting a sinister beard.

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2 thoughts on “Columbo full episode: Negative Reaction

  1. All Dick van Dyke needed to do was say he was just grabbing a camera off the shelf as an example to show Columbo how to get the negative. He never said it was that particular camera.

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