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Take your love of Columbo to the next level with the help of The Columbo Companion — your indispensable deep-dive into the thrilling highs (and occasional devastating lows) of the greatest detective show of all time.

Published in September 2022, The Columbo Companion 1968-78 is a collection of my reviews of all 45 ‘classic era’ Columbo episodes that aired between 1968’s Prescription: Murder and 1978’s The Conspirators. All the reviews have been revised and updated for print, and include new information not available to me at the time of publishing the original blog posts.

The book’s analysis covers:

  • The highs and lows of each episode’s crimes, clues and gotchas
  • Critiques of the cast, performances and production values
  • Key milestones in the evolution of the Columbo character
  • Behind-the-scenes snippets and fascinating facts about the production

Whether you’re a long-term fan or a recent convert, The Columbo Companion is the ideal accompaniment to the viewing experience to help maximise your appreciation and understanding of the series and its leading man.

Featuring a foreword by Mark Dawidziak (author of the ground-breaking The Columbo Phile book of 1989), the book also contains wonderful illustrations of the Lieutenant and the series’ killers, courtesy of US-based artist Kosperry. Published through Bonaventure Press, The Columbo Companion is available in paperback and Kindle versions, priced at US$24.95 and US$19.95 respectively (or the rough equivalent in different countries).

Where to buy online

The Columbo Companion is available via numerous Amazon marketplaces across the globe, meaning it should be pretty easy to get your hands on a copy wherever you’re based.

While Amazon will be the easiest way for folks to get hold of the book, if you prefer to buy through your local bookstore, The Columbo Companion will be available to/through numerous wholesale distributors. If your local store accepts special orders and works with a distributor that carries the title, they should be able to order it in for you. If not, the store can contact Bonaventure Press via email to to arrange this. If you need it for reference, the book ISBN is 978-1-937878-16-0.

In praise of The Columbo Companion

As this book so exuberantly and expertly demonstrates, the interest in Columbo is enduring and endlessly fascinating. There’s always going to be one more thing.

– Mark Dawidziak, author of The Columbo Phile (1989)

The Columbo Companion brings each episode to life with wit and panache, sharing insightful discoveries sure to entertain and inform even the most seasoned fan. The good Lieutenant would be proud.

– David Koenig, author of Shooting Columbo (2021)

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