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Columbo full episode: Murder by the Book

Courtesy of the official Columbo YouTube channel, full episodes of the greatest TV show of all time are now available in the public domain. HUZZAH and HURRAH!

The first episode made available on the channel was the seminal Murder by the Book, which opened Columbo‘s first season in September 1971. Starring the irrepressible Jack Cassidy as Ken Franklin, and directed by Steven Spielberg, it remains one of the best pieces of episodic television ever made and you can view in HD glory below.

Happy viewing!

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23 thoughts on “Columbo full episode: Murder by the Book

  1. It doesn’t play in Poland, either. Thank you for discovering the channel, though – at least some of us can watch.

  2. It seems to play in Ireland! Yay!! I only watched the first minute or so to check; I’ll watch it all as soon as I get a chance! 😀

  3. You didn’t hear it from me.. but if you change the ‘you’ in youtube to ‘hook’ i.e. hooktube.com, you can get around international blocks. Just tested here with this video in the UK and it works. It’s a site which just mirrors the raw YouTube video.

  4. The video works on Canada, but only via a US-based VPN. In the meantime, I shall enjoy my Blu-ray collection of Columbo by Universal Japan on my 133″ front projection screen. Yay!

  5. Nope. No joy in Canada, even with a “Private Browsing” window opened. Scumbags. But good on you to get it for the masses.


  6. Crap! What do I do with my full set of Columbo DVDs now? Some museum? I’m keeping them because (1)I’m old, (2) I want them around, and (3) my internet sucks sometimes. Order your own, Canadians and Britons!


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