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If you heart the good Lieutenant, my first recommendation to you would be to go out and buy the entire Columbo box set on DVD as soon as you’re able.

If you’re in the UK or USA, Amazon regularly runs special offers of the complete series box set for as little as $50 / £30. It’s the steal of the century!

But if you’ve already done that, there remain some excellent resources online to help you strengthen your interest in Columbo and connect with fellow fans across the world.

Columbo locations map

Fantastic resource for serious fans, the interactive Columbo locations Google map features nearly 200 locations from the show’s 70s’ series, with more being added all the time! View below, or on a standalone page here.


@columbophile on Twitter: Yes, I am active in Twitter circles and would be delighted to make your acquaintance there. You can visit my page here.

#ColumboTV: There’s a very strong Columbo community active on Twitter and one of the most delightful innovations of the social media age is the monthly #ColumboTV phenomenon, which kicked off in 2012. A group of fans across the world synchronise watches and live tweet simultaneously to a particular episode nominated by an event host, uisng the hashtag in every tweet.

Read more about why #ColumboTV is such fun here.

#ColumboTV blog
Tweet on, brah!


Columbophile on Facebook: The Lieutenant Columbo Facebook page was created in August 2015 and has well over 10,000 followers! Visit and say hello!

Columbo TV Family group: A spin-off enterprise from the Twitter #ColumboTV gang, this growing, closed group consists of several hundred aficionados of the series. Sterling Columbo conversations abound! Visit the page here.

Columbo Appreciation Society: A closed group, but one that will welcome any Columbo fan with open arms, this page has 9000+ members and is constantly awash with chit-chat about the show and its stars. Visit the page here.


Columbophile on Instagram: Yes, I’m active here too, posting marvellous images from the show – or from the life of Peter Falk – on a regular basis. Visit my Instagram page here.

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The Ultimate Lieutenant Columbo Site: It’s an oldie, which hasn’t been updated for some years, and isn’t mobile optimised, but if you’re looking for a wealth of information about the show, the episodes, its characters and a whole lot more, there’s still much to recommend it. Visit the site here.

Jigsaw Planet: If you love Columbo AND jigsaw puzzles, fill your boots with this online treasure trove of, you guessed it, Columbo jigsaw puzzles! Get to it here!


Columbo Playback
Essential viewing!

The official Columbo YouTube channel: this launched in second half of 2017 and uploads new videos each week. These could be anything from legendary scenes, best-of compilation clips and FULL EPISODES! Visit the channel here. Sadly I cannot guarantee full episodes are viewable in all jurisdictions, but I can view them fine in Australia so hopefully you can too!

The Columbophile YouTube channel: Launched in February 2019, this serves as a home to a number of playlists compiling full episodes, Columbo‘s greatest scenes, musical interludes and contributor interviews – all from one handy location. Visit the channel here.


The Columbo Podcast: Scottish duo Gerry and Iain – one a long-time fan, the other a relative newcomer – tackle each episode in order in a friendly, informal podcast. For full details, or to listen online, visit

Just One More Thing: Hosted by US-based Jon Morris and RJ White, and featuring a special guest each time, this podcast is an irreverent look back at all the episodes in no particular order. Listen or download here.

Columbo Confab: I haven’t actually ever listened to this one, but from Twitter interactions they seem like a fun duo. Check ’em out here. From what I hear there’s a lot of blue language, so keep that in mind.

So that about covers it. If you have any recommendations for excellent online Columbo resources, please shoot me a message!

Columbo Most Crucial Game
Don’t be a Billy No-Mates – join the Columbo fun online!
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