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If you’re anything like me, one of the downsides to being a Columbo superfan is that there are so few opportunities to discuss the show in detail with like-minded souls in real life.

Granted, the Columbophile blog comments section is a hotbed of opinion and debate, but it’s not quite the same as having a good old chinwag about the minutiae of the show in a live setting. That’s why it was my very great pleasure to guest star on the latest episode of the Trench Coat, Cigar, Peugeot: Wandering with Columbo podcast.

Hosted by knowledgeable California-based fans Liz and Paul McDade (brother and sister, not a wedded couple as I had rashly assumed), the semi-regular podcast is working its way through the Columbo catalogue in sequential order and also features occasional interviews with the likes of yours truly.

In the hour-long cast, we talk Columbo fandom in general, my personal history with the series and, of course, my new book The Columbo Companion 1968-78. You can listen in to the interview via the media player below (unless you’ve blocked such plug-ins from appearing on your device), or visit the podcast website here. Naturally, you can also download and/or subscribe to Trench Coat, Cigar, Peugeot wherever you usually get your podcasts from.

Sincere thanks to my jovial hosts, Liz and Paul, who are a smashing duo and excellent company. The Columbo podcast marketplace is surprisingly crowded these days, but this one is well worth committing some of your precious downtime to. Enjoy!

What else is new?

Long-time readers of the blog may remember that at the start of 2019, Columbophile HQ uprooted from the city to the Aussie Outback. I quit the corporate day job and moved into the triple role of Columbo blogger extraordinaire, home tutor médiocre and house husband insouciant, while Mrs Columbo brought home the bacon.

Well, fast forward nearly four years (and more than 150 blog posts) and my time in the Back of Beyond is almost at an end. In the coming weeks, I will be relocating 1800km into a new home and have to (shock! horror!) seek gainful employment once again! I mention this not to curry favour/sympathy with you all, but to alert you to the likelihood that normal output on the blog will be disrupted.

My car, at the start and end of its impending 1800km joyride 🙁

On the plus side, I have a number of splendid guest posts waiting in the wings. On the downside, it may take a little longer than originally planned to grind through the last of the Columbo ABC episodes, of which I have just four episodes to review. I had hoped to have these all completed in 2022, but it is not to be. However, it does give us all something to look forward to in 2023, eh?

As a final aside, some of you might recall that this blog celebrated its millionth page view back in October 2018 – a milestone that garnered no small amount of excitement within the Columbophile community. Four years on, and the blog is fast approaching its 10,000,000th page view – a monumental figure that is a testament to the enduring love Lieutenant Columbo still garners from all over the world.

I thank each and every one of you for your support, and for doing your bit to ensure that Columbo fandom remains awash with enthusiasm and energy nearly 55 years after the show first hit screens. Peter Falk would be proud…

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