Iconic Columbo book to be reissued!

You heard me right, I want 50 copies of the book or I’ll bust yer neck!

Great news, fellow Columbo lovers! Hot on the heels of my just-published interview with ace author Mark Dawidziak, I can exclusively reveal that there will be a 30th anniversary reissue of his iconic book, The Columbo Phile, later this year.

Details are scant at this stage, but what I do know is that there will be additional commentary and information added to a new back section of the book, but this will stop short of being a fully updated and revised edition. It also will not (sadly) include individual reviews of the ABC Columbo episodes from 1989-2003, due in no small part to Mr Dawidziak’s very busy schedule.

“The reissued book will be available at a more accessible price point.”

Still, this remains excellent news for fans who don’t already own the book, because it will be released at a more accessible price point. The first edition, published in 1989, completely sold out but was never reprinted. As a result, copies of it can cost a pretty penny – often in excess of $100. I myself paid more than 80 British pounds for my copy – a price I consider a BARGAIN!

The Columbo Phile
The first edition remains the definitive Columbo resource

Naturally I’ll keep you updated on any developments about publication dates and new content for the book, which is destined to race to the top of birthday and Christmas wish lists for Columbo fans the world over!

If you’re not au fait with the book now, read up on why it’s such an important tome for Columbo lovers here.

You can also read my interview with author Mark Dawidziak about his 5-year journey to complete The Columbo Phile book here.

Don’t want to wait? Buy a first edition copy of The Columbo Phile here

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Rumour has it that the updated book will have a foreword written by one Sergeant Wilson. Fancy that!
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