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Columbo full episode: Death Lends a Hand

Thanks to those lovely people at the Columbo YouTube channel, Robert Culp’s magnificent Columbo debut in 1971’s Death Lends a Hand is now available to view in full HD glory.

This version naturally includes the iconic ‘montage-over-glasses’ scene often scandalously edited out by TV networks! So sit back and enjoy one of the greatest TV episodes of all time with confidence!

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6 thoughts on “Columbo full episode: Death Lends a Hand

  1. The episode runs, but white play button persists in center of screen, not watchable. I am in USA and with Cox Cable.

    I love your site. Have been here many times.

    Hope this feedback helps.

    Hi to all the Columbo fans.

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    In the opening scene of “Death Lends a Hand” Robert Culp in hiw downstairs shooting range and he is firing two guns “Rambo-Style” (“Dual wielding”). When he finishes shooting, he laments, “This one’s as crooked as a dog’s hind leg!”

    QUESTION: Do you happen to know what type of pistol Culp is firing?

    Thanks again for this informative & pleasant website. Cheers!

    – Brian Newberry

  4. I just watched this on youtube and it was great. The quality was top notch and the stream was flawless. I have the DVD collection but just didn’t feel like bypassing HDMI ports lol Hopefully more episodes make it to youtube, as this was a much better viewing experience than the Hallmark Channel. (they show Columbo every morning when I get up) Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool that they play it as I usually watch unless its a newer one. I think Hallmark edits the episodes for time as I just watched “Lady in Waiting” and it went by too fast and seemed incomplete. It’s not my favourite episode but I swear it was chopped up. The constant commercials don’t help either, which aren’t a problem on youtube.


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