Columbophile book ‘The Columbo Companion’ out now!

The Columbo Companion 1968-78
Ooooh, ain’t it a beauty?

My heart sings with joy to announce that The Columbo Companion 1968-78 is now available to order – slightly ahead of projected schedule!

As regular visitors to the blog may know, the book is a collection of my reviews of all 45 ‘classic era’ Columbo episodes that aired between 1968’s Prescription: Murder and 1978’s The Conspirators. All the reviews have been revised and updated for print, and include new information not available to me at the time of publishing the original blog posts.

Featuring a foreword by Mark Dawidziak (author of the ground-breaking The Columbo Phile book of 1989), the book also contains wonderful illustrations of the Lieutenant and the series’ killers, courtesy of US-based artist Kosperry. Published through the lovely folk at Bonaventure Press, The Columbo Companion is available in paperback and Kindle versions, priced at US$24.95 and US$19.95 respectively (or the rough equivalent in different countries).

Where to buy online

Columbo Murder Can be Hazardous to Your Health
“Gee whizz, please order 100 copies for my wife…”

The Columbo Companion is available via numerous Amazon marketplaces across the globe, meaning it should be pretty easy to get your hands on a copy wherever you’re based.

While Amazon will be the easiest way for folks to get hold of the book, if you prefer to buy through your local bookstore (as I do whenever possible), The Columbo Companion will be available to/through numerous wholesale distributors. If your local store accepts special orders and works with a distributor that carries the title, they should be able to order it in for you. If not, the store can contact Bonaventure Press directly via email to to arrange this. If you need it for reference, the book ISBN is 978-1-937878-16-0.

Media inquiries

Columbo Fielding Chase
Fielding Chase has been after me for weeks for his show…

I’ve been lined up to speak on a couple of podcasts about the book, but would be delighted to discuss the book – and Columbo fandom in general – with interested parties. If this would be of interest, please hit me up via email, or contact Bonaventure Press (or even both at once!).

That’s about all I have to say, my dear friends. My thanks, as ever, to all of you out there in the Columbo community who have been such stimulating and engaging presences online over many years. This book is for you! And if it ends up on a few of your bookshelves I’ll be a very contented fellow.

There’s always room for just one more book on the Columbo shelf…