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Columbo full episode: Publish or Perish

Eddie Kane Publish or Perish

Bombs away, Eddie!

I’M EXCITED! It’s been an absolute age, but the official Columbo YouTube channel has finally delivered the goods and uploaded another full episode.

This time it’s one of my personal favourites, Publish or Perish from Season 3 starring Jack Cassidy as villainous publisher Riley Greenleaf.

Revel in Jack at his very, very best as his sham drunken antics to establish his alibi rank amongst the series’ very finest scenes. In short, this is brilliant stuff.

For details on the locations used in this episode, visit the Ultimate Columbo Locations Map!

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Columbo Publish or Perish Riley Greenleaf


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18 thoughts on “Columbo full episode: Publish or Perish

  1. Judging from what I heard before the shooting the world of literature was not deprived of another Joyce or Hemingway.

  2. It is eerily prescient that the opening credits show the name “Jack Cassidy” superimposed over a flaming mattress. Creepy!

  3. I dont get it, the ending proves that Greenleaf was lying about the manuscript but what proof was there that he was actually connected to the murder?

  4. I don’t get why he went to kill the killer. He got rid of the other writer and Columbo was lost.

    • It was all part of his bigger plan to secure the rights to Mallory’s unpublished book. It had to look like Kane had originally conceived it and that the idea was passed to Mallory to complete.

  5. I like the part at the end in which Columbo brings out Norman Wolpert. Hello, Norman, he says. And then to Greenleaf, he says, I met this young man the night of the murder. He works for a manuscript service.

    And then, when things get hot and heavy, I so remember Columbo saying, Son, I’m not talking about losing your job, I’m talking about murder. He is involving you in a murder [arm out-stretched, maintaining eye contact]. Now, was that part of the deal?

    Except Columbo didn’t use the word Son. But in his respectful manner, maybe a little bit fatherly, he did kind of imply it.

  6. I may Have put it across wrong , Shatner would be one of my least favorite killers , I dont think his acting was terrible I just didn’t like the role he played in Fade in to murder was a a bit silly a times and columbo plays along with him by letting him play his TV character lieutenant lucerne , wearing a white suit and a walking stick and repeatedly calling columbo sir , Throughout the episode spoiled Fade in to murder , His second was a new one which were nowhere as good as the 70s he has a decent role but it is Not one of the better new episodes to be fair .

    on reflection Mc goohan is definetley the funniest murderer , Culp also had his moments I forgot to mention George Hamilton should be rated 4th because he had better episodes even though Im not a big fan of a deadly state of mind , Id prefer it to Fade in to murder
    My favorite of his 2 Caution murder can be hazardous to your health is not the best new one but its 3 times better than Butterfly .

  7. If I am identified with a different name this time, it is because I have somehow screwed up my WordPress account and it has different names on different devices. I am not trying to be deceptive.

    I agree that Jack Cassidy is the best Columbo killer. Here in the USA we are currently getting the post 1980 episodes on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries every morning. About the only bright spot in those episodes is the few appearances of Patrick McGoohan.

  8. I’m not trying to be mean but there certainly was talk that Jack was a nasty drinker in real life so playing a scoundrel maybe came a bit easily for him?
    I agree his three appearances were among the best.

  9. Great to be able to watch Full episodes as some are hard to come by , Publish or Perish is certainly a Top columbo but doesent Quite Make my own personal top 10 maybe 15th or 16th or thereabouts . Publish or Perish was Definitely Jacks best outing , publish or perish has a bit of everything packed into it a double murder , a drunk scene , some Humor , My only criticism is al;though I love the confrontation between green leaf and columbo at the ending but its not one of the vintage conclusions for me , I haven’t seen it in a while but i will watch it again , it can be a little tricky to follow but its a great Watch.

      • It is Hard too distinguish the best Colombo killer for 3 main reasons for me and I will lay them out
        A) The quality of Episode they were in , Culp , cassidy and Mc goohan were all in Top episodes as we Know with the Exception of Ashes to Ashes which I don,t savor but mc goohans other 3 were vintage e , cassidys best was publish or perish and for me Culps best was Double Exposure but they were all a high standard .

        B) how many people were murdered culp has one double murder 2 his name making his count 4 cassidy has one double murder and another via a hit man so lets say 5 and Mcgoohan who has been in the most episodes 4 has exactly 4 victims to his name but no Double murder ,

        c) funniness or character Patrick mc goohans characters were simply the funniest and most Charismatic in my opinion especially in Agenda for Murder and Identity Crisis Not sure about ashes to Ashes as i haven’t seen for a While Patrick mc goohan was a Great asset to columbo and he certainly helped Elevate it to another Level

        In conclusion I cant really say I have a Favorite killer in William shatner who starred in 2 episodes Fade in to murder and butterfly shouldn’t be under-looked either but i dont think they were the greatest of episodes ,pity so there is my monologue.

        • Steve, you had me until the last paragraph. I would put Cassidy and McGoohan a cut above Culp because of the unique quirks and theatricality that each added to juice up any role they played, whereas Culp was first rate but straight. Still, I can buy someone putting his hat into the ring of best Columbo murderers. But when you suggested that Shatner – whose almost spoof-like acting seems so fake that it is almost impossible to imagine even someone half as brilliant as Columbo falling for his act for even a second – should be considered along with those others, you totally lost me. Sorry.

      • Oooo! I love Jack in all episodes, my favourite is (don’t shoot me) is “Now you see him”. His arrogance is delightful to watch. However, I think that Culp is his equal. Jack and Culp are the best episodes in my opinion. That said, Donald Pleasence is in my favourite Columbo episode. Ah forget it….. I love them all !


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