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Columbo full episode: Death Lends a Hand

Thanks to those lovely people at the Columbo YouTube channel, Robert Culp’s magnificent Columbo debut in 1971’s Death Lends a Hand is now available to view in full HD glory.

This version naturally includes the iconic ‘montage-over-glasses’ scene often scandalously edited out by TV networks! So sit back and enjoy one of the greatest TV episodes of all time with confidence!

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9 thoughts on “Columbo full episode: Death Lends a Hand

  1. Great Episodes! it was by good chance I viewed a few ,but very short ones on YouTube …and wanted to watch full episodes .Thanks found your site !I am sorry that being old and retired couple ,not able to give even 3dollars ,from India !

  2. The episode runs, but white play button persists in center of screen, not watchable. I am in USA and with Cox Cable.

    I love your site. Have been here many times.

    Hope this feedback helps.

    Hi to all the Columbo fans.

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    In the opening scene of “Death Lends a Hand” Robert Culp in hiw downstairs shooting range and he is firing two guns “Rambo-Style” (“Dual wielding”). When he finishes shooting, he laments, “This one’s as crooked as a dog’s hind leg!”

    QUESTION: Do you happen to know what type of pistol Culp is firing?

    Thanks again for this informative & pleasant website. Cheers!

    – Brian Newberry

  5. I just watched this on youtube and it was great. The quality was top notch and the stream was flawless. I have the DVD collection but just didn’t feel like bypassing HDMI ports lol Hopefully more episodes make it to youtube, as this was a much better viewing experience than the Hallmark Channel. (they show Columbo every morning when I get up) Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool that they play it as I usually watch unless its a newer one. I think Hallmark edits the episodes for time as I just watched “Lady in Waiting” and it went by too fast and seemed incomplete. It’s not my favourite episode but I swear it was chopped up. The constant commercials don’t help either, which aren’t a problem on youtube.


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