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Ja Lieutenant, viz theez television sets you can vatch two episodes at the same time!

Thanks to the official Columbo YouTube channel, HD versions of classic Columbo episodes can now be viewed in full online!

To view one of the available episodes, simply click on the relevant link in the list below. The channel started uploading full episodes in March 2018, albeit it not in chronological order.

Columbo full episodes

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Season 2

Season 3

Season 4

Season 7

And of course, I always advocate buying the whole series on DVD – you can’t go wrong!

I’ve also set up a YouTube channel of my own, which has several compilation playlists featuring:-

Happy viewing folks, and I do hope these episodes will bring you tonnes of pleasure!

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You can even watch in bed if you want to! (gun and chocolates strictly optional)


77 thoughts on “Full episodes

  1. The TUBI network has all 69 episodes in HD available on demand for free. That’s how I’ve been watching them.

  2. Hello. I would buy the DVD set that is recommended on this page. Only problem is that I am looking for the french version of the movies. Anyone found a set? I need one that is compatible with DVD Canada/America region standard.


  3. Hi, I just signed in, paid for coffee and can’t see the full episodes! Any suggestions? Once the video is about to starts it says it’s private and I need to sign in, but where?

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  5. Murder Under Glass featured a restaurant named Perino’s which was at 4101 Wilshire in Los Angeles. It WAS VERY exclusive. It is long gone and has become a 42 unit apartment house and is in an area called Korean Town. I drove up and got in. Not much left other than an original chandelier, floor tiles, and pictures of the celebrities who ate there. President Nixon, President Reagan, Secretary of State Kissinger, Marilyn Monroe, Richard Burton, Elizabeth Taylor, Joe Dimaggio, Clark Gable, Dean Martin, and more. There is a small homeless encampment close to it. How things change.

  6. Thank you for the episodes. What about any episodes after season 7? It’s all in the Game is one of the best episodes ever but I cannot find it for viewing. Thanks!

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  11. I just looked at the IMDb app on my phone. It’s all revamped. Plus there is a new feature: IMDbTV. Complete movies and television series for free (although with several 90-second commercial breaks). And here’s the best part: IMDbTV currently includes the entire first seven seasons of Columbo — the whole original series from “Prescription: Murder” through “The Conspirators.” They’re all there. For free.

      • What does it mean by the official Columbo channel ? Does it maintain by something like a Perter Falk Foundation ? I can get most of the Columbo episodes on DVD for free from our local library. I am just curious if the official Columbo channel has copyrights to post those full episodes, aren’t those the property of Universal Studios ?

      • I am so glad you did not upload Columbo likes the the nightlife – his last ever episode – he was 75 – am not ageist – but this episode was dreadful and see I am not the only one who shares my opinion – dreadful episode – should have quit after the 9th series – probably one of this earlier seasons – lovely but leathal or any others of his earlier ones – it was tragic to watch the last one – he had lost his charm – not worth watching – take care – S

  12. Even though I have the DVD set, I tend to watch the 62 episodes I have on DVR (Hallmark Mystery Ch HD) The beauty of it is that that my DVR scrolls up 5 min with one touch of the remote and the Hallmark commercials are exactly 5 min. It really is a thing a beauty. Just finished watching Any Old Port & Suitable for Framing again. Love it.

    • I also have the full DVD set and yet I try to watch via streaming as much as I can. In the old days, the DVDs were a life-saver, but now they’re a fall-back. I’ll always love my Columbo DVD collection simply because of all the good times they provided me and all of the bragging I get to do when someone sees it atop my DVD collection. However, I do most of my watching on Amazon Prime because I can watch episodes during my lunch-walk or listen to them while driving.

    • I have a large screen iMac and a wireless keyboard and mouse. I watch free episodes on imdb.com reclining on my couch with my keyboard simply to start and stop the episode. Depending on what kind of computer you have, it’s certainly not necessary to be sitting at the computer to enjoy the glory of Columbo at one’s leisure.
      And the iMac screen is so much better than almost all TV screens around. It’s MUCH better than waiting for it to play onTV, since I can choose so many episodes to watch and re-watch for free from many seasons. IMDB only requires that you register — no $$$ involved. I watched Death Lends a Hand twice back-to-back just today on the computer from the comfort of my living room couch!

    • If you do not want to use a wire to connect your computer to your TV to display the screen on the TV, there are a number of devices (Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, AmazonFire, etc.) you can plug into your TV and then “stream” your computer/phone/iPad onto the TV without wires. Anything that supports “AirPlay” will let your Apple devices like your iPad project itself onto the TV.

  13. I have most Columbo episodes. I will see if I can upload them here. I have Suitable for Framing. One of my all time favorites!

  14. When I go to Yahoo (yes, Yahoo) and type in “Columbo”, then click the “Video” column, it pulls up a bunch from dailymotion.com, archive.org, ok.ru, in addition to the youtube hosted ones. Some are shown backwards, which is no big deal when there isn’t text on the screen, some are dubbed in Russian, etc. I just watched “Deadly State of Mind” on archive.org, without commercial interruption and regular forward in what they call “HD”, clean picture and good audio, especially through my . The dailymotion.com episodes interrupt with these dreadful stills for globalist “Unicef”.

    • Yes I noticed they are the wrong way round on Daily Motion. At some stage they must have been transferred from film but with the film the wrong way round hence letters and number backwards and left is right and right is left etc. Also check out the Columbo podcast which goes through every episode.

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    • years back i saw a columbo episode in which columbo has watch in his hand and he shows it tto a number of people sitting on chairs- one by one. he solves the case after that. i havent seen this one after that. can someone help ?

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  17. I use various “putlocker” sites to stream Columbo episodes. The only two episodes I have a hard time finding are Prescription: Murder and Ransom for a Dead Man. Do a Google search for “putlockers columbo” and you will find some links. You have to deal with a few pop ups, but once you get the hang of it it is quite easy to watch all episodes but the two I mentioned.

      • Prescription For Murder and Ransom for a Dead Man are airing on back to back days on Hallmark Movie / Mystery Channel Aug. 10th & 11th respectively at 7:00am Eastern Standard Time, USA.

        Set your DVR if your able….
        Love those episodes.

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  19. Years ago NetFlix featured a ton of Columbo episodes and I would watch them over and over when I wanted something to fall asleep to that wasn’t riddled with explosions, gunfire and people yelling. They were excellent stories, cool mysteries and, of course, featured them man himself, one of the all-time best TV detectives. I love Columbo because unlike his other TV detectives, he is not your typical jaded, cynical, anti-social brilliant detective but rather a caring, enthusiastic, perceptive and very skilled investigator. He put it best in ‘Try and Catch Me’ when he was put on the spot by Mitchel, the brilliant mystery writer at her luncheon in an attempt to trip him up. He told the group how much he loved his job and all the great people he got to meet in his line of work. The guise of incompetence and confusion he puts on for his suspects is a deceptively brilliant approach to sussing out the guilty and perfectly masks his true brilliance in the science of detection and is unique to his character. Some of his quotes regarding his job are classic. Like when asked why he is never seen around the office in one episode, he remarked that surprisingly little crime goes down at the police station. Love it. Another thing to love about the series is the fantastic array of vehicles featured throughout the run of the show, my favorite being Roddy Mcdowel’s Ferrari Daytona in the episode that featured him as a mad bomber of sorts who worked at some kind of chemical company. I could go on for pages about the wonderful aspects of this series and it is no surprise that it lasted as long as it did. Thanks for putting up these episodes. I look forward to more, especially later 1980’s seasons, of which I have seen very little of since watching them on actual TV when I was a kid.

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  21. Thanks for creating your blog! I am a HUGE Columbo fan and I watch the episodes on TV when they air. I watch them over and over and over again and enjoy them each time. I wish more episodes would be uploaded to Youtube.

    • So glad to hear this. I’ve been watching episodes there already
      I used to never watch him but I started watching Matlock and then started checking out episodes on Hallmark. Can’t wait until the Xmas season is over so they can start showing episodes again

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  23. After watching multiple showings on a Sunday via 5 USA i decided to go and get some of my own.And what the hell…managed to get entire first series for 3.50. And 3rd for 4.50. Well chuffed.Can watch them with no adverts. Thank you for this site.

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  25. Check out Peter Faulk’s billiant entrance and roats of Frank Sinatra if you haven’t seen it. Priceless!

  26. Good choice of episodes, excellent quality! One of my all time favorite shows! I’m an artist, so another personal favorite episode is season one’s ‘Suitable for Framing’. Brilliant ending!


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