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Columbo full episode: A Stitch in Crime

Prepare to have that smirk wiped off your face, Doc…

Hell hath no fury like a doctor scorned – and no medical man has a meaner spirit than Leonard Nimoy’s devilish Dr Barry Mayfield.

Now you can enjoy watching Columbo A Stitch in Crime in full online thanks to the official Columbo YouTube channel. This is one of the very best episodes, so viewer satisfaction seems guaranteed!

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9 thoughts on “Columbo full episode: A Stitch in Crime

  1. Columbo is OK. But the undoing of the perp is down to stupidity and unique circumstances, not at all lifelike or believable. Good entertainment though.

  2. Great episodes !! wanting to watch more of these ! these are the only murder/mystery
    stories where one knows the guilty person first……….and how Columvo gathers the evidence !! love them,Thanks .wish could watch MORE ,

    • I recommend “Cracker” a UK cop series starring Robbie Coltrane.
      A similar structure: we know who is guilty from the start

  3. The real full-circle irony here is that Mayfield’s trivial unlocked office door caused his undoing from start to finish. If locked, the Lt would not have witnessed him resetting his clock while getting the news of Sharon’s desth, and on the back end, he could’ve taken the suture out of the pocket and stashed it somewhere before the Lt came dashing back in to render him guilty!

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  5. Just “watched” this while temporarily blinded (baby scratched my eye). It was an excellent painkiller. It struck me that Nimoy’s character is so arrogant that he doesn’t think to avoid drawing attention to himself–his pushing of the drug narrative was ill advised.

    I enjoyed the moment when the roommate turns to Nimoy and coyly asks, “What do you think we should do now?” only to be disappointed with Nimoy taking her home. I bet she’d have loved to snag a wealthy doctor.

    • I’ve been watching columbo all my life and have seen every episode made and still I watch him like its the first time. Love that man so clever and sooooooo funny.


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