Columbophile blog: important notice


Dear friends, I’m afraid it has been a tough time for all at Columbophile HQ and the blog will remain on the backburner for the foreseeable future.

My young daughter is ill in hospital and is likely to be for some time. As you can perhaps imagine, I’m in no current state to be penning light-hearted Columbo material, so will be placing things on hold here until we have a clearer picture of what the coming months will look like.

It is my intention to return to the blog as soon as is feasible (the Murder Can Be Hazardous to Your Health review is 90% complete but I haven’t the heart to finish it), although I cannot say when that will be.

If you can spare some kindly thoughts for my daughter, that would be much appreciated. She’s a little dear, and something of a Columbo fan herself. I’m sure she’d be pleased to know fellow fans the world over are rooting for her!

Thanks for your patience during these difficult times, and I hope it won’t be too long before I’m back in the thick of things. In the meantime, if you do notice any mean-spirited comments on the site from folk wanting to know why such and such review/article hasn’t been published yet, please do alert them to these unforeseen circumstances. I am slightly active on my social media channels at present, but that’s about all I can muster for now.

Several readers have also emailed me recently with queries and articles. Sorry to have not got back to you yet. I will endeavour to do so as soon as I am able.

My best wishes to you all until we virtually meet again.

Well wishes will be much appreciated