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Columbophile blog: important notice

Dear friends, I’m afraid it has been a tough time for all at Columbophile HQ and the blog will remain on the backburner for the foreseeable future.

My young daughter is ill in hospital and is likely to be for some time. As you can perhaps imagine, I’m in no current state to be penning light-hearted Columbo material, so will be placing things on hold here until we have a clearer picture of what the coming months will look like.

It is my intention to return to the blog as soon as is feasible (the Murder Can Be Hazardous to Your Health review is 90% complete but I haven’t the heart to finish it), although I cannot say when that will be.

If you can spare some kindly thoughts for my daughter, that would be much appreciated. She’s a little dear, and something of a Columbo fan herself. I’m sure she’d be pleased to know fellow fans the world over are rooting for her!

Thanks for your patience during these difficult times, and I hope it won’t be too long before I’m back in the thick of things. In the meantime, if you do notice any mean-spirited comments on the site from folk wanting to know why such and such review/article hasn’t been published yet, please do alert them to these unforeseen circumstances. I am slightly active on my social media channels at present, but that’s about all I can muster for now.

Several readers have also emailed me recently with queries and articles. Sorry to have not got back to you yet. I will endeavour to do so as soon as I am able.

My best wishes to you all until we virtually meet again.

Well wishes will be much appreciated
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203 thoughts on “Columbophile blog: important notice

  1. I dont hate murder under glass outright but i dislike the scene where columbo shouts in italian at the dumb waiter , i dont enjoy the overakl plot , i think the killer is uninteresting and the clues a bit weak the ending is a bit overcomicalandunsatisfying but on balance i dont enjoy fade into murdet much either despite starting well this also descends into silliness

    • I think that the scene of Columbo shouting at the young waiter in Murder Under Glass is similar to the scene with Vito Scotti in Identity Crisis, in that they are rare examples of Columbo talking to a fellow Italian in a manner appropriate to the circumstances.

      Columbo does not seriously consider the young man to be a suspect, but he talks to him in the way that his uncle would have done, which serves to put Paul Gerard off guard.

      Incidentally, I find Gerard to be a fascinating and colorful character, the nearest Columbo ever gets to a super villain.

      • Sorry folks, I just realized that these comments would be more appropriate on one of the other threads.

  2. I came back to your blog after quite some time, because coincidentally I just started rewatching Columbo, and I was hit by this news… I want to add my support to that of the many others, and wish all the best for your daughter! Greetings from an Italian fan living in the Netherlands

  3. While you are going through this ordeal remember HOW MUCH you have helped others get through many a depressed evening. Are you kidding? Like medicine, drugs, candy! All the best to you and your young one.

  4. I watchedd octopussy the last 2 nighrts and no i dont like louis jordan in eitherthat or murder inder glass
    Murder under glass is a poor columbo and octopusy is a average bond film.

    • People get carried away with bond films and while cp is disabled , i do not rate murder under glass but the air craft that was piloted by louis jordan on octopussy was only a cardboard cutout

  5. Best wishes and prayers to you, your daughter, and your family. We have a 14 year old son, and I can only imagine how hard this is. We love you.

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  7. Best wishes for your daughter and your family during this time of illness. Hopefully she has a doctor better than Dr. Barry Mayfield and will therefore make a speedy recovery with no surprises in 10 days.

  8. Hi CP! I only just now saw your latest post. I sincerely wish all good things for you and your family – and most especially for your little girl. God bless and be well!

  9. News tonight (5/11) on the passing of Norman Lloyd, director of “Lady in Waiting”, age 106 (!). An incredible Hollywood career, working with Hitchcock, Orson Welles, and Chaplin, best known on TV for St. Elsewhere. Was a guilt-by-association figure in the infamous Hollywood blacklist. I remember him as the big bad in one of Wiseguy’s story arcs of the 80s. Could’ve made a solid Columbo villain too.

  10. Sorry to hear that and ofcource praying for your daughter and looking forward to reading you in the future! Love in the Lord from Brooklyn NY!

  11. While columbophile is still stuck in the sand at least me and 5 USA Can keep the circus rolling ecen if its not a 5 star line up for this sunday but here goes
    930, fade in to murder
    11 ,a matter of honor
    12,35 requiwm for a falling star
    1,55 butterfly in shades of grey
    3,55 uneasy lies the crown
    5,50 cries wolf
    7,50 lady in waiting
    11,10 murder with too many notes
    The last one is best avoided
    Theres some decent however i wouldnt say great stuff there to enjoy but
    Ever reliable 5 usa keeping columbo alive every sunday wich im sorry to say columbophile is not doing latleyy which is a shame but lets hope it picks up pace maybe in the summer

    • Seriously? Do you still not get that CP couldn’t give a damn about updating this site at the moment? Read all the other comments on this blog. They all get it.

      • It appears Mr Steve only posts when he goes off his medication. Thoughts and prayers for his return to sanity.

        • I don’t see anything at all in his post that warranted your presumptuous, knee-jerk defamation. Are you sure HE is the one who’s off the meds?!!

          • Perhaps we can all agree that Mr Steve can continue his useful summary of 5USA’s Sunday showings on this thread, but leave it at that? I know I started this with my remarks, but this is one blog that should be free of arguments.

      • I think he’s one of those guys who just likes the attention of being “that guy”.

  12. All the best to you and your daughter. Family should always be No. 1 and besides that there is already so much content on your great blog I haven’t read yet!

  13. Best wishes to you and your daughter, coming from Lexington, Kentucky, USA! My wife and I have been devouring Columbo re-runs during the COVID pandemic, and I love to read your humorous blog. Be Strong! I hope your daughter recovers soon.

  14. My heart goes out to you and your daughter, wishing for a complete recovery. You both are in my prayers

    • God Bless you and your daughter, you both will be in my prayers. Please tell your daughter that she has every Columbo fan wishing her a speedy recovery and we look forward to HER reviews as soon as possible! 🙏

  15. Is your daughter doing better? If I may ask on behalf of all your fans and supporters. God bless the both of you

  16. Dear CP-
    So many people are thinking of you in your time of need. This goes to show how much joy you bring to this Columbo community you’ve created.
    Please take your time coming back. Columbo isn’t going anywhere.

  17. Hang in there, Pal. From one parent who just had a child in the NICU for 2 weeks, I am definitely cheering for your daughter. Before you know it, you’ll be catching up on some Columbo. Take care and prayers.

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  19. Your daughter is definitely in my thoughts and prayers. Hope she’s getting and feeling better. Take all the time you need. We’ll be here whenever you start up again.

  20. Dear Columbophile,

    I was very sorry to hear about your little daughter’s illness. Please give my heartfelt good wishes to her. I’m rooting for her soon and complete recovery.

  21. May God watch over your daughter and your family at this most difficult time..

  22. I’m sure all of your fans (and there are many) wish your daughter a speedy recovery. Our thoughts are withyou.

  23. Please keep us updated on everything if that’s appropriate to ask. You can see you have a lot of fans here who are thinking of you both. Take care!

  24. Prayers for your daughter! Thanks for all your hard work on your blog. It’s wonderful but family is always first! Take care of your family and yourself. See you virtually when the time is right again.

  25. There is no pain as great as the pain your child suffers. My prayers for your daughter and you and all you call your family and friends. We are here if you need us, and will be here for you whenever. Take care, good friend.

  26. I wish your darling daughter a speedy recovery from Saudi Arabia. Not a very likely place for a Columbo fan to be found in 🙂 Please know that your Columbo blogs are as classical as the Columbo series are. We hope and pray for the well-being of your family. Looking forward to hearing your good news.


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