Public service announcement: February 2023

Columbo Oliver Brandt
The man who writes this blog, you make him out to be a BUNGLING ASS!

You don’t need to have an intellect as sharp as Oliver Brandt’s to have noticed a distinct lack of activity on the Columbophile blog these past few weeks.

Regular readers may be aware that my four-year sojourn in the deepest Aussie Outback, and the comparative leisure that provided, is now over. I returned to full-time employment in January and now work in the field of sports marketing. Given that it’s peak season here in Oz, this means my time is a good deal taken up – including Sundays, which was my traditional writing day.

Until I’m better able to balance my time, output on the blog will be on a lower level. I do have several articles in various stages of completion, but can never quite sum up the time or find the headspace to do them justice – and anything less just wouldn’t do.

Fear not, though, they will get done and I will still get round to completing reviews of the last two episode reviews of the Columbo saga in the next month or so (although I’ll be honest, spending ‘quality time’ with Murder With Too Many Notes is hardly my idea of a fun).

So keep the faith my dear friends, and I’ll hope to be delivering the high-quality goods once again in the not-too-distant future. Until then, keep those Columbo flags flying at full mast…

Columbo Candidate for Crime
For the time being, I shall mostly be found exhausted under a crumpled newspaper…
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