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Public service announcement! Where is Columbophile…?


I apologise to each and every one of you for a lack of recent activity…

Eager readers may have noticed / become enraged by a recent lack of updates on the Columbophile blog. For that I can only apologise and assure you that things will change – and soon!

Alas, it’s been an exceptionally busy time for me in non-Columbo circles (that pesky day job / family etc!). One might even go so far as to say I am as weary as the Lieutenant after he was sent to investigate the Vic Norris killing following a late night working on the Hayward Case.

Suitable sleeping

“It’s September…?”

My ambitions to complete at least one episode review per month are already behind schedule in 2018 after I missed July, so I’ll hope to go back-to-back in September with Troubled Waters and Playback. On the downside, an estimated 12 hours of toil goes into each review and finding that time of late has been as challenging as a confrontation with Mrs Peck. As a result, I must stop short of making any guarantees lest I merely create disappointment where there ought be joy.

Needless to say, I thank all regular visitors for their patience in these difficult times and I’ll hope to be back to more consistent posting in the coming weeks.

Please address all morale-boosting praise and ego-assuaging asides to the comments section below. Please address rage-filled invective to for an urgent response.

PS – my sincere thanks to you all for the delightful comments and encouragement below. Gee you’re all lovely…

Shock 11

Let’s make up over milk and health cookies real soon!

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50 thoughts on “Public service announcement! Where is Columbophile…?

  1. also watched last salute to the commodore which is a shambles cant say I enjoyed it, bar the slightly decent end scene , would watch short fuse or dead weight , old fashioned murder any day ahead of last salute , the only episodes I would rate under it would be dagger of the mind and a matter of honour, but lets ask columbophile a question which would you enjoy more dagger of the mind or last salute ?

    • Dagger of the mind hasalready been discussed at length, so I’m not going into that discussion here again, but I’m surprised at the abundance of bad feelings towards A Matter of Honour. I can’t see anything wrong with that episode, I love that one.

  2. watched swansong Sunday thought it was great Colombo mentions to tommy Browne that he would have eventually confessed had he not caught him and Browne says yeah I would have as it was getting to me , is there an similar examples of this in any other episodes.

  3. are you going to review troubled waters anytime before October, it seems an age since by dawns early light was reviewed , troubled waters is a classic episode as is playback and deadly state of mind wasn’t bad either it should be fun reviewing them what is the hold up without sounding rude.

    • Wise advice. But I’m a “take two” prescription kind of guy so I’ll add my second favorite to that – “Try And Catch Me”. For me, that’s a combo that cures all ills.

  4. Hi, It’s a very good joke about mrs Columbo and her mailbox. Neither the mistress nor the box do (does?) exist. Great! (Sorry for my English.) However, I hoped she could help me to address a question to mister Columbophile, about copyright. I made some “Columbo-articles” with pictures, captured in the Columbo-movies. And don’t know if I have the right to publish them on the worlwideweb.
    Finally, about your production of episode-reviews. Don’t stress. Take your time (and pleasure) in making them. We take time and pleasure reading them.

  5. Love your blog!! It’s so much fun to read! I think quality of post is far more important than quantity.

    I appreciate your hard work and passion! Thank you so much!

  6. No rush at all. Good things are worth waiting for!

    You have the best episode poll and the McGoohan/Culp/Cassidy poll? Maybe add a new poll or two if you are too busy for episode reviews at the moment? Polls are always fun.

  7. Your doing a great job! I would never complain because without you who would put in all this work that you do. You deserve some R & R. Have a great day!

  8. No worries at all. I must actually get reading the posts which are already there. Haven’t been a follower for very long – but a lot Columbo lover for years.
    Keep up the good work

  9. Thank you for the wonderful content, regardless of the pace it’s given to us. This simply means we’ll get to enjoy your writing for an overall longer period of time.

  10. took “C” for granted when it was on TV. now that I’m retired, I’m rediscovering the old gems. I’m the same way with authors, after they pass & I read in-depth articles about their careers, I sometimes have to read each of their books, one by one.

  11. have a channel on our fiber that airs “C” & I began watching. Found out they were the 90 min. ones. Researched on Wikipedia & found info. Then found Hallmark Murder & Mystery channel airs “C” 5 mornings a week. Love your reviews!

  12. Could you make sure this message is sent out to the people of Bulgaria, they’re getting restive and the government are concerned!

  13. You certainly picked a great picture to illustrate the situation as your header! I doubt any of us would have been enraged, though. (On a Columbo-centric scale, the level of rage depicted is certainly less than the Laurel & Hardy rating….)

  14. No prob. Anything good is worth waiting for. However, I am getting impatient to find more full episodes. I’ve watched the 5 or so on Youtube ad nauseam. I have 3 seasons on DVD, but my player is on the fritz. I’m wondering why I pay for Amazon Prime and Netflix when neither air them anymore. I cut the cable and Dish awhile back, so I can’t see them if they’re re-running on tv. Does anyone know if/when they’ll return to Prime or Netflix? Thanks

    • When it was on Netflix, I literally played the ENTIRE series at least once a month. I have the Box Set of DVDs, but much prefer streaming via Netflix. It really hurt when they took it away

  15. Life happens. We are very appreciative for the efforts you make to bring us these posts and enjoy them immensely. I accept that you’ll get to them when you can, as it is obvious that it is a labour of love! Cheers

  16. *cue ego-swabbage & morale-boosties* ask, ‘rage/invective? what are those???!!!!’. And assure you that your readers love ya and will wait like Dog (well, maybe just a bit more patiently) for your wonderful post(s). And thank you for the update.

  17. I patiently await any posts. I thoroughly enjoy this feed to my Columbo obsession and I certainly lack the devotion to do what you do. Carry on!

  18. I completely understand. My husband is a writer, editor and blogger. He gets so very busy sometimes it is unreal. Love your work, and don’t worry at all.

  19. One site I subscribe to churned out as little as two reviews in six months, and I’ve been there since 2011. How many reviewers tackled the original STAR TREK (Kirk, Spock, McCoy) and spent months if not years examining 79 episodes? COLUMBO hasn’t quite so many but it will be interesting to see how long it takes and to rejoice with the 2003 finale. Flawlessly logical!

  20. Don’t worry about it for one second. Of course I’d love to see a new article sooner than later, but we all have lives beside watching and discussing Columbo – at least I hope so. So take it easy and your time, to make sure you will keep enjoying writing your articles. It shouldn’t become a strain. A wellrested Columbophile in good spirits will be best for all of us!


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