Seasons greetings to Columbo fans everywhere!

Here’s to you all, you fabulous individuals!

My dear friends, I do trust you all had/are having a good Christmas break and have managed to factor in a little Columbo viewing between turkey sandwiches and glasses of liquid filth.

As regular readers will know, there has been a great deal of change and upheaval at Columbophile HQ these past couple of months – notably packing up from the outback and moving back to the city. This is happily now complete (with no toe stubbings or breakages), and I’ve even managed to secure a new full-time job, which starts in early January.

Alas, my flash home laptop has developed a critical issue and has been sent off for repair/replacement (it’s very much under warranty), so I’ve had negligible access to the blog and my emails until borrowing one from said new job over the Christmas holiday. If you’ve sent me mail and are awaiting a reply, please accept my apologies.

Trying to keep up with emails has been an impossible task of late

All this has and will continue to curtail my Columbo writing until I’m fully back in the groove – but don’t dare think for a moment that the blog is winding down. I have numerous articles in various states of completion, many more planned, some guest posts in the bag and the Ashes to Ashes episode review almost complete. The blog output will be less in 2023, but it won’t dry up quite yet.

Before I go, I’d like to say a big thanks to all who picked up a copy of my book for themselves or loved ones for Christmas – and to those who alerted me to the fact via social media. You’re all lovely! Fingers crossed that it has sold sufficiently well to pave the way for a sequel covering the 1989-2003 episodes in due course.

That’s about all for now, except to with you all a happy and successful (and Columbo-filled) 2023.

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May your 2023 be as full of fun as Ken Franklin’s pre-jail life
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