Status update – May 2021

“Sometimes it can be a pretty scary world…”

As many of you know, I hit pause on the blog a few weeks ago due to my daughter being unwell. Well, the reaction from readers was really quite something and I don’t mind admitting that the dozens of kind messages received from all corners of the globe brought a tear to my eye and raised spirits within the Columbophile Camp no end. You are a fabulous bunch, and your generosity of spirit is greatly appreciated in these trying times.

Anyway, to keep you updated, my dear daughter, who only turned 11 in March, has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. We’re fortunate in that it was picked up very early, but she has 8-10 months of treatment ahead of her, including chemotherapy and surgery. She’ll be in hospital for a lot of that time and we’ll otherwise be in charitable housing near the hospital for the duration.

We’ve met with her surgeon, whom I’m happy to report seems much more family friendly than the icy Dr Mayfield – although he was required to give her some dissolving sutures to seal up a biopsy, so you just never know. We’re confident the sweet young lamb is in good hands and will make a full recovery, although there will be lots of discomfort and sad moments to navigate, too. Nevertheless, we shall bravely soldier on!

An apple a day keeps Bazza Mayfield at bay

This continues to leave the blog at an impasse. Although I will have free time on my hands in the months ahead, it’s the sort of hand-wringing free time that isn’t necessarily conducive to writing. Heck, I haven’t even watched an episode for weeks. I now live with a constant, gnawing anxiety, which doesn’t provide the state of mind to create light-hearted content on the world’s greatest detective (sorry Mr Steve, but I’m only human). As soon as that changes, you’ll be the first to know.

I now have to dash off and see to the young whelp’s needs (pillow plumping, slipper fetching, sweet unwrapping etc) so she can enjoy her day to the maximum before her next stint in hospital commences at the end of this week. Thanks, as ever, for your patience and kind thoughts, and thanks, too, to the many donators to the site in recent weeks, who have enabled me to buy some little treats for Columbo Junior to help keep her pecker up.

I will finish up here by saying that if you have young ones of your own, do give them an immediate cuddle and if they ever complain of having hip pain without an obvious cause, do get them checked out with a medic ASAP! Until next time, adieu…

When this is all over, the Full’s Irish Dew is on me!
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