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Status update – May 2021

“Sometimes it can be a pretty scary world…”

As many of you know, I hit pause on the blog a few weeks ago due to my daughter being unwell. Well, the reaction from readers was really quite something and I don’t mind admitting that the dozens of kind messages received from all corners of the globe brought a tear to my eye and raised spirits within the Columbophile Camp no end. You are a fabulous bunch, and your generosity of spirit is greatly appreciated in these trying times.

Anyway, to keep you updated, my dear daughter, who only turned 11 in March, has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. We’re fortunate in that it was picked up very early, but she has 8-10 months of treatment ahead of her, including chemotherapy and surgery. She’ll be in hospital for a lot of that time and we’ll otherwise be in charitable housing near the hospital for the duration.

We’ve met with her surgeon, whom I’m happy to report seems much more family friendly than the icy Dr Mayfield – although he was required to give her some dissolving sutures to seal up a biopsy, so you just never know. We’re confident the sweet young lamb is in good hands and will make a full recovery, although there will be lots of discomfort and sad moments to navigate, too. Nevertheless, we shall bravely soldier on!

An apple a day keeps Bazza Mayfield at bay

This continues to leave the blog at an impasse. Although I will have free time on my hands in the months ahead, it’s the sort of hand-wringing free time that isn’t necessarily conducive to writing. Heck, I haven’t even watched an episode for weeks. I now live with a constant, gnawing anxiety, which doesn’t provide the state of mind to create light-hearted content on the world’s greatest detective (sorry Mr Steve, but I’m only human). As soon as that changes, you’ll be the first to know.

I now have to dash off and see to the young whelp’s needs (pillow plumping, slipper fetching, sweet unwrapping etc) so she can enjoy her day to the maximum before her next stint in hospital commences at the end of this week. Thanks, as ever, for your patience and kind thoughts, and thanks, too, to the many donators to the site in recent weeks, who have enabled me to buy some little treats for Columbo Junior to help keep her pecker up.

I will finish up here by saying that if you have young ones of your own, do give them an immediate cuddle and if they ever complain of having hip pain without an obvious cause, do get them checked out with a medic ASAP! Until next time, adieu…

When this is all over, the Full’s Irish Dew is on me!
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104 thoughts on “Status update – May 2021

  1. Greetings. Health challenges are always tough, I can’t imagine what it would be like with a sick daughter. All the best and I hope she’s doing well. You and her mother too.

  2. I hadn’t visited the blog for about a year due to my own health issue (a rather surprising stroke, and several ensuing schedule changes that came about as a result thereof), and just returned now after starting my first full re-watching of the series in several years, and wishing to see how you reviewed a couple of episodes. Than God, I am now fully recovered, and have a tad more free time on my hands. I was devastated to discover what you and your sweet pumpkin have had to endure this year. I look forward for your speedy return to CP, both for the expectant rewards from your generous and thoroughly enjoyable creations and contributions, as well as for its assumed indication that the worst is over, and that the sun is once again shining brightly in the CP household.

    • Hi Leo, a warm welcome back. I’m very pleased to hear you’ve made an excellent recovery from your own troubles and hope we’ll see you back commenting on a regular basis.

  3. I just read about your dear daughter, Mr. CBP; you and your family have my love, support and best wishes for a smooth complete recovery for your little sweetheart. You have given me hours of relaxing reading and quite a few laughs over the last few years….

  4. Hello. I haven’t stopped by the blog in a while. Was watching Double shock this evening and wanted to reread your thoughts. So sorry to hear about your daughter’s condition. Wishing her and your family the best.

    • As sure as I know anything Peter Falk would have joined everyone in wishing for your daughter’s full recovery.

  5. Wishing a full and speedy recovery to your daughter, and strength and as much peace of mind as possible to you and the rest of your family until then.

  6. Praying for your daughter and your family, Columbophile. God bless you,
    Ed the librarian 👏

  7. Wow, I literally just found your blog this morning and now I read this terrible news. I am simultaneously 1) thrilled that you exist and 2) praying for your daughter’s swift and complete recovery.

    Columbo is such a delightful thing in all of our lives. I hope the diversion that is your blog can have a long and fruitful life, just like your young lady. 💙

  8. Good luck and God bless to your daughter and family and you. I keep wanting to know the titles of the episodes where Peter won his Emmy awards. Thanks for all your great writings! Jane

  9. I’ve been a silent lurker here. Watching a Columbo episode and then reading your review immediately after got me through a tough time. Rooting for your daughter. Take care.

    • Rarely does a Sunday pass without an episode or three of our favourite policeman. We were looking for Mike Lally today, and what better place to search than this site. So sad to read of your daughter’s cancer. Our thoughts are with you all. Iain and Judith, New Zealand.

  10. We wish your little sweetheart a speedy recovery. Please keep us posted about the treatment process.

  11. Thoughts and prayers are being sent to you, your daughter and your family. Have faith and love. We all hope for your daughters full recovery. Keep strong in this fight.

  12. What ive always wondered about publish or perish was why riley didnt understsand simple 24 hour time suggesting he had no military background at the start and later on he could rig a home made bomb timed to detonate at exactly the right time when it pleased him , big flaw for me which i always struggle with

  13. Longtime reader and lurker here. So sorry to hear about this, Mark. I’m glad the prognosis is good. Hope this time passes without too much difficulty and that your daughter is happy and well in the coming months.

    • I hope cps daughter makes a full and happy recovery but while im here i watched a marathon columbo all day yesterday on 5usa endingat 9pm in a stitch in crime and still waiting for next review, but publish or perish was included in 5 usas line up but i dont think its all that good , i think a stitch in crime is a more solid and better episode with better clues and very enjoyable and i know cp worships jack cassidys performance which is great but i think on the whole publish or perish turns just into a confusing mess whereas a stich in crime dosent and and i think its better overall and theres nothing wrong with
      NImoys performance , also here are 3 underrated episodes from the seventies , how to dial a murder, identity crisis and playback or at least in my opinion and maybe someday this year we will see that review

  14. Jack Cassidy and Robert Culp at their vilest couldn’t defeat Columbo. In similar fashion, cancer will be thoroughly vanquished by your brave daughter.

  15. Thanks for the update CP. It’s an unhappy situation, but this sounds like very good news.

  16. Thinking of you and your family with a heavy heart for what you’re going through, but also with gratitude for your wonderful spirit and the hope surrounding this prognosis. Thank you for your work in the world and blessings to your family! David

  17. Each week when I watch (3) episodes of Columbo and read your Columbophile posts, I will be thinking of you and your daughter. I’m not surprised about the number of folks who are expressing their ongoing support and prayers during this challenging time. As you said in your update, we know you will “bravely soldier on”!
    Wishing your family all the best.

  18. I am sorry to hear about cancer afflicting your daughter, she is so young, but she is going through this terrible ordeal. I hope and pray that everything will be well for her, you, and your family. Take care.

  19. Wishing you all the best 💓🌈❤️ From Italy with love! Please keep us posted.

  20. Uh just one more thing We’re sending blessings prayers to your precious angel and don’t worry Lt is watching and will help you resume the update as soon as you’re all ready

    Judy and Chelsie!🐾💜🙏

  21. Columbo fans and Columbophile lovers, who can think of some good quotes from the show that might help CP smile? Here’s one: CP, just tell that wretched cancer, “This far and no farther.”


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