All quiet on the ‘ColumboCon’ front

Port 7

“Hello? Uh, yes, I’m seeking an update on ColumboCon 2018…”

Regular readers may remember my post from many moons ago about the planned ‘ColumboCon’ mystery convention set to take place in Ossining, New York in July 2018.

If this doesn’t ring a bell, please refresh your memory here.

This announcement was, understandably, met with much excitement by the global Columbo community, many of whom have been clamouring for updates on the event ever since. Sadly, despite numerous attempts to engage the convention organisers (who, incidentally, are also the authors of a 2017 biography on Peter Falk) since the event was announced, I have no new updates to share.

“In true Columbo style I shall pester the organisers until they make a confession on the fate of ColumboCon.”

While this in itself doesn’t mean the event won’t be taking place, my own expectations have been firmly tempered by the on-going radio silence. As a fellow fan, like your good selves, I remain as keen for this event to take place as anyone. The initial plans sounded most intriguing. However, safe to say I shan’t be booking an airline ticket to New York in July quite yet…

Rest assured, in true Columbo style I shall keep trying to gather concrete evidence and pester the organisers until they make a confession of some sort on the fate of ColumboCon. Then I’ll be back in touch to spill the secrets like a gossip in a laundromat.

Until then, keep the faith!


My efforts to uncover an update have been this successful!

If you’re active on Twitter you can also seek updates from proposed event creators Rick Lertzman (@ricklertzman) and Bill Birnes (@billufomag). If you get an update, please hit me up!

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