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Columbo goes to College
How do you like me now, brah?

Word up, homies! As I indicated a week or so ago, changes were required to the blog to ensure it was able to remain bug-free and able to satisfy the demands of thousands upon thousands of thirsty Columbo fans. The end result is here.

While nothing is vastly different, hopefully you won’t find the new design elements and colour schemes too jarring. You’ll swiftly get used to them at any rate, and I’m confident you’ll come round to thinking that the site is now NEW AND IMPROVED (just think, all this time you’ve been subjected to old and inferior). I’m particularly pleased that the photo captions are automatically centred below the image now, rather than being left justified – an aspect of the previous site theme that enraged me daily.

Of note to visitors new and old:-

  • I’ve added a new Archive navigation page to the top menu that will aid readers in finding the content they want more easily. It may also help you wile away the hours catching blockbuster articles of yesteryear that might have passed you by completely. You may even find it more helpful than the ‘Search’ feature.
  • I’ve had to DISABLE article star ratings, as well as the ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ function in the comments section, due to being informed the plug-in could cause the website a fatal error – a terrifying prospect, I’m sure we all agree. It may return in future if I’m confident it won’t damage the site.
  • If you find you’ve made an infuriating typo in your latest world-beating comment in the comments section, you now have five minutes from posting to edit it to your satisfaction. Once five minutes has elapsed, though, your bungling will be visible to judgmental peers for all time…
  • You’ll find a rotating selection of featured articles in a carousel at the top of the homepage. Underneath this is a highlighted section of articles of a specific type – at time of writing it’s all 10 of the ‘Columbo top 100 scenes’ countdown articles of 2020.
  • Many, many of you lovely folk have donated towards the upkeep of this site over the past few years via the Buy Me a Coffee website. This service recently cut ties with PayPal, which I’m aware is a concern for some users who prefer it, so there’s now a PayPal donation button on the homepage.
Wilson is working on new blog content as we speak…

Between you lot and me, we’ll doubtless uncover some aspects of the new design that don’t work like they used to. If so, just alert me in comments and I’ll do what I can to troubleshoot. Infuriatingly, I’ve literally just noticed that there seems to be no way of accessing articles older than September 2021 via the homepage, which ceases to scroll beyond that point. WHY? There will be a fix, but it eludes me currently. (NB Problem has now been fixed. HUZZAH!)

That’s all I’ve got for you at present. Thanks for reading, and look out for more red-hot Columbo content coming your way soon (and I don’t mean an exclusive showing of Wade Anders’ porn debut in Holly Does Houston, you rascals!).

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