Just one more print run for famed Columbo portrait

Van Gogh and Da Vinci? Who needs ’em!

Due to popular demand, and to mark the 50th anniversary of the debut of Columbo’s first season in 1971, a final 50 prints of the original Columbo painting from Murder: A Self Portrait are now on sale.

Only 100 prints have been circulated up to this point and previous print runs have been snapped up like bowls of chilli at a Columbo convention leaving many luckless fans disappointed. If you’re one of those fans, it’s time to dry those tears and act swiftly as I’m assured that these will be the last ever prints made from the iconic work created by Jaroslav Gebr for the 1989 episode (which I review here).

“Previous print runs have been snapped up like bowls of chilli at a Columbo convention.”

Thomas Gebr, son of Jaroslav, made contact with the Columbophile blog to explain why they had decided to make a final series of prints available. “We have received many emails from all four corners for requests of the artwork, but we have stuck to our estates’ wishes that only 100 would be released to the public,” he said.

Artworks don’t come much more iconic than this!

“However, fast forward to 2021 and after realizing that Columbo has reached its 50th anniversary on television, we felt it only fair to open up one more lot for fans who have patiently waited for one last opportunity to own an authentic print.”

So there you have it! Don’t delay – dive in today to avoid a lifetime of regret. The prints come numbered and authenticated and come at a price of US$250. That’s a fairly hefty sum for casual fans, but die-hards will recognise it as an excellent investment. Owning one of these myself, I can vouch for the quality of the print and can assure you that it takes pride of place at Columbophile HQ!

Full info on the prints is available here on the Gebr Art website. For all enquiries, or to place your order, contact Renee Gebr via email at renee.gebrart@gmail.com. Then all you have to do is sit back, wait and consider what type of framing is suitable for such a splendid piece of Columbo memorabilia. Rumour has it that even famous art critic Dale Kingston is dashing to place an order, so get in quick and happy shopping!

This friendly chap urges you to consider making a purchase ASAP!

UPDATE FOR READERS: As many of you will know, my daughter has been battling cancer for much of 2021, and caring for her has severely curtailed my time for the blog. All being well, her treatment will finished in December. She’s continued to bear up to some rotten times and bounce back with cheekiness and smiles, bless her cotton socks! I make no promises on when further reviews will be added to the site, although it’s possible one may spring up before Christmas.

Thanks to all those who have sent best wishes for her recovery. As I’ve always maintained, the Columbo community is a marvellous one to be a part of!

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