Don’t miss chance to get hold of iconic Columbo portrait!

Ooooh, it’s a beauty!

NB – since publishing this article, I’ve received confirmation that all of the latest prints have now sold.

Exciting news if you love both fine art and the dear Lieutenant – the last ever limited edition print run of the Columbo painting from Murder, A Self Portrait is available now!

Three previous runs of 20 prints sold like hot cakes, but global demand has been so high that the estate of Jaroslav Gebr – the Czech artist responsible for the original portrait – have agreed to provide fans with one more chance to get their hands on a copy.

Twenty prints, complete with certificates of authenticity, have been made available and I’ve been assured by Jaroslav’s son, Thomas Gebr, that this will be the last ever run! So if you want to be amongst just 80 people in the world to own this magnificent piece, I recommend acting fast!

Now remember, folks, this is a high-quality print of an iconic work of art and is priced accordingly. Buyers can expect to pay in the region of $250 for an unframed print. However, being a proud owner of one of these prints myself, I can assure you that it’s great value and is certain to warm the cockles of the heart every time you look at it.

You can find more information on the prints here. For direct enquiries, email Renee DiSisto at the Jaroslav Gebr Art Estate. My advice? Get amongst it fast or they’ll be gone for good!

Bewitch visitors with your new Columbo print!

And there’s more…

Columbo superfans may also be interested to hear that two of the original paintings Gebr created for Murder, A Self Portrait are also acquirable at a reduced price for a limited period. The two acrylic-on-canvas paintings of actress Isabel Lorca were featured in the episode as part of murderous artist Max Barsini’s series of portraits of young muse, Julie.

Each is priced at $3000 and shipping is currently only possible within the US due to high customs charges. You can find out more about these wonderful works here.


The last item of interest for lovers of the Lieutenant is the series of 7 original 16″ x 20″ glossy colour photos of Isabel Lorca, which were used by Gebr to create the nude portraits of Julie for Murder, A Self Portrait. These are the original and only such photos in existence and come at a cost of $350 each.

The availability of these photos is so HOT OFF THE PRESS that they’re not even on the Gebr Art website yet, so if you have any queries about them (or any of the other items in this article), get in touch with Renee at Gebr Art.

Let me know if you decide to take the plunge! It would be heartening to know that such treasured items are finding their way to the right places. Salut!

If you’ve now got a hankering for some Murder, A Self Portrait action, you can read my full review right here.

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Get your hands on an ORIGINAL Barsini!
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