And the (awesome Columbo print) winner is…

Columbo painting
Mrs Columbo is said to be a big fan of Alistair Little’s work…

There’s not enough quality Columbo artwork in the world, so it’s little wonder that the response to last week’s competition to win the fabulous print shown above was such a strong one.

Yes folks, Alistair Little’s sensational piece ‘One More Thing‘ was the hottest ticket in town and elicited some blistering competition to see who’d claim it by virtue of entering the best response to the question: ‘Why do you need this print in your life?’.

To quote Bye-Bye baddie Oliver Brandt, “I enjoy giving pleasure“, so without further ado let’s announce who has secured the coveted prize (cue Dagger of the Mind-style British fanfare).

In stereotypical fashion, there can be only one winner. And the lucky recipient of the free print of Alistair’s ‘One More Thing‘ painting is Linda Davies, who stole Al’s heart with her presumably real-life recount of a man and woman discussing the competition. Enjoy it below…

NB – Linda, if you haven’t yet done so, please get in touch with me via email to organise the prize.

The scene: Kitchen. Morning. A man and a woman seated at the table with the remnants of a hastily prepared breakfast. He’s scanning his phone, only half paying attention.

Man: “So, enter. I mean you love the guy, right?”
Woman: “Who? Columbo? Falk? Alistair Little?”
Man: “Which episode is that?”
Woman: “What episode?”
Man: “You know. The one with the guy.”
Woman: “What guy?”
Man: “The guy who loves the art student. Although he really doesn’t. It’s about a painting, right? Or was it a set of drawings?”
Woman (perplexed): “What are you talking about?”
Man: “Art.”
Woman (musing): “He’s got a really great way of capturing The Moment.”
Man: “Columbo? Yeah, I love the way he always turns around at the door and says, ‘Just one more thing.’”
Woman: “No! Alistair Little.”
Man: “Who?”
Woman: “Alistair Little. The artist.”
Man: “You mean the guy with the nude model? The one with the hairy back?”
Woman (exasperated): “Not the actor. The REAL artist. Alistair Little. His paintings always capture the moment – the tension, the way I can see a person *thinking*. We could hang the painting over the desk. You know. Inspiration.”
Man: “Or you could put it by the door. You know. Just One More Thing. A reminder.
Woman: “It’s a painting, not a Post-it note!”
Man: “I thought you said it was a print.”
Woman: “It’s a print of a wonderful painting. Giclee.”
Man: “I thought you said it was Columbo.”
Woman: “Oh, never mind…”

So, um, yes. I need this painting by Big Al – one Columbo lover to another. By the desk. You know. Inspiration. So I can watch him thinking, and remember all the wonderful episodes.

So while Linda is the big winner, I’d like to pay due credit to the dozens of readers who pitched in their entries in the comments section, some rib-tickling, some from the heart, one even threatening (good-natured) violence. All in all, you’re a thoroughly excellent bunch. All the entries can be read on the original post here.

Columbo Max Barsini
Word on the street is that even Barsini is jealous of Al Little’s Columbo portrait skillz

And remember, if you didn’t win (i.e. everyone except Linda), we’re all winners anyway because Big Al has made the print available at an exclusive discounted rate for readers of the Columbophile blog. Simply enter the discount code ONEMORETHING10 at checkout to secure 10% off the full price. I shall be doing so myself forthwith.

Please note, this offer is only available until midnight (UK time) on Sunday 1 December – so get in quick!

Order your print online here.

That’s all for today, folks. On behalf of Al and myself, thanks for your interest in this competition and may the gaps on your walls forever be filled with something truly suitable for framing…

If you’re in the mood for shopping, do have a look at the 2019 Columbo Christmas Gift Guide right here!

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Columbo Vic Tayback
Next year we hope to be able to offer an ORIGINAL SAM FRANKLIN to readers of the blog. Fancy!
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