Suitable for Framing: win a Columbo work of art!

Columbo Suitable for Framing
This is one work of art even Dale Kingston couldn’t be snooty about

NB – this competition is now closed for new entries (boooo), but readers can still cash in a 10% discount on the print until 1st December (yaaaay!). Full details below. The competition winner will be announced on 8th November here on the blog.

Here’s a piece of art Columbo fans will be desperate to get their fingerprints all over – a print of a magnificent painting created by the uber-talented Alistair Little.

Columbo Alistair Little

Yes ladies and germs, there’s a gap on your wall that needs filling with this spectacular piece, which is entitled One More Thing, and which is one of the best Columbo-inspired artworks I’ve ever seen.

It’s clear that Alistair is no ‘hack’ like Sam Franklin, as he’s captured the essence of the dear Lieutenant to a tee. Little surprise, then, to hear that Big Al is a huge fan of Columbo, and created the original acrylic painting as a sign of appreciation to the man who introduced him to the series.

“I made the painting in 2007 for my friend and mentor Bill Bradshaw,” Al recollects. “Bill and I had been working together for 8 years and he was the best teacher I could have hoped for. He really got me on my feet artistically speaking and the painting was a thank you for that and his invaluable friendship.”

Long hours at the studio regularly featured background movies and TV shows to help pass the time, and it was here that Al was introduced to Lieutenant Columbo. “Bill, being 18 years older than me, had grown up watching Columbo when it first aired and is a lifelong fan,” said Al. “He would often extol the virtues of a particular episode and put them on whilst we worked.”

Columbo Playback
Al’s art is even more impressive than an air vent!

It wasn’t long before Al was hooked. “The irrepressible detective started to work his magic on me,” he says. “The fantastic formula of the knowing who the murderer was and watching Columbo unpick the clues was so original and really let you in on both the killer and sleuth’s personalities. Also the episodes were shot with such high values it really feels like you’re watching a movie rather than a TV show.”

Having watched the original series more times than he can count, Al decided to share his love of Columbo with the world through release of a print version of the original painting.

Available as a high quality giclee 16 x 13.5 inch print, One More Thing is can be purchased via Al’s website at a cost of 42 GBP (approx US$55). But he’s such a HERO that he’s offering one print as a prize to a lucky reader of this blog!

How you could win a copy!

Columbo painting

Fancy a copy of the print for your wall? I know I do. So do enter the prize draw! All you need do to throw your hat in the ring is add a comment below outlining why you feel you need this particular piece in your own art collection.

Try and make us smile with your entry, and get amongst it fast because the competition will close at midnight on Wednesday 6 November, with the winner announced on the blog on Friday 8 November.

If you’re not lucky enough to win, take heart! Big Al has made the print available at a discounted rate for Columbophile blog readers. Simply enter the discount code ONEMORETHING10 at checkout to secure 10% off the full price.

Please note, this offer is only available from 30 October – midnight (UK time) on Sunday 1 December.

Find out more, or order online here.

About Alistair Little

Al is a British-based artist working primarily in oils, whose work is heavily influenced by his love of classic cinema. Represented by Paynter & Hall, Al’s work has been exhibited all over the UK, as well as in New York.

Find out more about Al and view his work at You can also catch him on Instagram (@alistairlittleart) and Twitter (@al_ambition).

Al’s favourite Columbo episodes are Murder by the Book; Lovely but Lethal; Negative Reaction; Forgotten Lady; An Exercise in Fatality; and Candidate for Crime.

Columbo Dale Kingston
Look out for Al being profiled on Dale Kingston’s World of Art next week!