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Suitable for Framing: win a Columbo work of art!

Columbo Suitable for Framing
This is one work of art even Dale Kingston couldn’t be snooty about

NB – this competition is now closed for new entries (boooo), but readers can still cash in a 10% discount on the print until 1st December (yaaaay!). Full details below. The competition winner will be announced on 8th November here on the blog.

Here’s a piece of art Columbo fans will be desperate to get their fingerprints all over – a print of a magnificent painting created by the uber-talented Alistair Little.

Columbo Alistair Little

Yes ladies and germs, there’s a gap on your wall that needs filling with this spectacular piece, which is entitled One More Thing, and which is one of the best Columbo-inspired artworks I’ve ever seen.

It’s clear that Alistair is no ‘hack’ like Sam Franklin, as he’s captured the essence of the dear Lieutenant to a tee. Little surprise, then, to hear that Big Al is a huge fan of Columbo, and created the original acrylic painting as a sign of appreciation to the man who introduced him to the series.

“I made the painting in 2007 for my friend and mentor Bill Bradshaw,” Al recollects. “Bill and I had been working together for 8 years and he was the best teacher I could have hoped for. He really got me on my feet artistically speaking and the painting was a thank you for that and his invaluable friendship.”

Long hours at the studio regularly featured background movies and TV shows to help pass the time, and it was here that Al was introduced to Lieutenant Columbo. “Bill, being 18 years older than me, had grown up watching Columbo when it first aired and is a lifelong fan,” said Al. “He would often extol the virtues of a particular episode and put them on whilst we worked.”

Columbo Playback
Al’s art is even more impressive than an air vent!

It wasn’t long before Al was hooked. “The irrepressible detective started to work his magic on me,” he says. “The fantastic formula of the knowing who the murderer was and watching Columbo unpick the clues was so original and really let you in on both the killer and sleuth’s personalities. Also the episodes were shot with such high values it really feels like you’re watching a movie rather than a TV show.”

Having watched the original series more times than he can count, Al decided to share his love of Columbo with the world through release of a print version of the original painting.

Available as a high quality giclee 16 x 13.5 inch print, One More Thing is can be purchased via Al’s website at a cost of 42 GBP (approx US$55). But he’s such a HERO that he’s offering one print as a prize to a lucky reader of this blog!

How you could win a copy!

Columbo painting

Fancy a copy of the print for your wall? I know I do. So do enter the prize draw! All you need do to throw your hat in the ring is add a comment below outlining why you feel you need this particular piece in your own art collection.

Try and make us smile with your entry, and get amongst it fast because the competition will close at midnight on Wednesday 6 November, with the winner announced on the blog on Friday 8 November.

If you’re not lucky enough to win, take heart! Big Al has made the print available at a discounted rate for Columbophile blog readers. Simply enter the discount code ONEMORETHING10 at checkout to secure 10% off the full price.

Please note, this offer is only available from 30 October – midnight (UK time) on Sunday 1 December.

Find out more, or order online here.

About Alistair Little

Al is a British-based artist working primarily in oils, whose work is heavily influenced by his love of classic cinema. Represented by Paynter & Hall, Al’s work has been exhibited all over the UK, as well as in New York.

Find out more about Al and view his work at You can also catch him on Instagram (@alistairlittleart) and Twitter (@al_ambition).

Al’s favourite Columbo episodes are Murder by the Book; Lovely but Lethal; Negative Reaction; Forgotten Lady; An Exercise in Fatality; and Candidate for Crime.

Columbo Dale Kingston
Look out for Al being profiled on Dale Kingston’s World of Art next week!
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65 thoughts on “Suitable for Framing: win a Columbo work of art!

  1. Humbly entering the contest for this art piece. My husband is Columbo’s biggest fan – he’s been Columbo for Halloween, he’s read Peter Falk’s biography and is now reading the Columbo novels, and last Christmas I gave him an official print of the painting from “Murder, a Self Portrait.” I got him a custom Columbo Lego mini-fig off Etsy, and I am pretty sure we have the only 3-year-old who dreamily says “I love Columbo” and who, at age 2, would answer the question “What does Columbo say?” with “one more thing!”. So what kind of wife would I be if I *didn’t* try to win this for my husband? A wife that might die of poisoned marmalade, that’s who.

  2. Allow me to dispense with pleasantries and get straight to the point. I want this artwork like Dale Kingston wants that pair of Degas pastels. If I don’t win, I shall uppercut Columbophile and frame Mr Little for the crime. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

  3. I am such a huge fan of Columbo, I would even say I’m his number one fan! (Ooo, I’m giving off Annie Wilkes Misery vibes there aren’t I?…Hmm, I think Columbo would’ve found Paul Sheldon a lot sooner if it was up to him.) Anyway, back to what I was saying, I’ve been watching Columbo since I was a child and I’m pretty sure I know the words to a great many episodes.

    “Oh, and just one more thing” – The painting is absolutely spectacular, I would dearly love to win it. And I think Dale Kingston would’ve loved it too.

  4. I acquired the trocar regularly used by Undertaker Eric Prince shortly before his death. Oh the stories; if it could only talk! Anyway, I thought I would fancy the likeness of the man who brought Mr. Prince to justice.

  5. I have NO MOTIVE for killing Alistair Little, lieutenant Columbo, none at all. Yes, I let the whole world know that I’m after his painting but I’ve known for almost a week that he’d award it to the winner of this contest. I’ll be the first to admit that I’d do anything to win it, the picture I mean. As portraits go, this is a great work of art and you know how much I admire you. No, seriously, I’m your biggest fan! But if you’re looking for my fingerprints on that picture you won’t find them because, as you know, the picture is not in my posession. It’s a pity if there ever was one, but I’ve never been even near it!
    Now, if mr Little would be willing to send me the portrait, that would be different now, wouldn’t it? If I actually had that picture I’d be glad to leave some of my prints on it. Tell you what: award me that splendid work of art and I’ll show you the a thumb print like you never saw before.
    Would that tie up all your loose ends, lieutenant?

  6. I think it’s a magnificent piece of art. Peter Falk’s likeness captures Columbo’s character perfectly. I don’t have a photo of Columbo, and this painting would look wonderful hanging on my wall. I’ve been a longtime fan of Columbo and of Peter Falk.

  7. I don’t know if I’m the most deserving (marmalade incident and all that), but I would treasure this lovely artwork.
    In all seriousness though, I’m a huge fan of Columbo and Peter Falk and would love to add this to my currently small collection of Columbo items.

  8. I loved Columbo when I was younger, but then stopped watching for a while. As an adult I re-discovered it, and not only do I still love it I also realized I unconsciously patterned my life on Columbo. No, I’m not a detective, but my clothes are almost always rumpled, I think out loud and mutter to myself, and I ask important follow-up questions.

  9. I need him next to me whilst I read “Just One More Thing” I’ve asked for my Christmas present this year! I can smell the cigar looking at that fabulous picture and his handsome face in thoughtful repose is so familiar. Portraiture is a gift, you have that in abundance.

  10. Let’s just begin by saying I adore the man. I spoke with him in the late ’90s for an interview and I loved him so much I called him on his birthday! I also sent him a tape of Uneasy Lies the Crown because he didn’t know it had already been on Mcmillan and Wife. Columbo has always been my favorite show, and Falk and I have a prosthesis in common. I so loved watching him. Each time I watch an episode, I pick up something new that he does, like holding the bottom of his raincoat together in Requiem for a Falling Star. He even ran while doing it. What I love the most is his compassion. In “Playback” the look he has when Gena Rowlands is going up the stairs in her wheelchair – it’s so poignant, he knows he’s going to break her heart. The Columbo eccentric mask drops and the real man comes through – serious and caring.

  11. Why me? I’d appreciate this print every single day no matter what mood I’m in, I’d keep it in my family and never ever give it away. Thanks for the opportunity to enter. 🙂

  12. Lt Columbo is surely the greatest cop of all,
    He wears a battered raincoat and really isn’t very tall,
    He latches onto suspects and he only has one eye,
    And spends his days figuring out what made the victim die,
    Whether it’s their vanity that makes the villain crack,
    Or borderline insanity he’ll have them on the rack,
    The Great Santini’s magic! Dale Kingston is a bore,
    Roger Stanford’s trousers, a heinous crime impossible to ignore,
    Riley Greenleaf oozes charisma, and just a little slime,
    Oliver Brandt used a record player to help him commit his crime,
    And poor Adrian Cassini who ended up with zilch,
    When his overheated wines turned into LIQUID FILTH!
    He badgers them relentlessly, going on and on and on,
    Always believing, never giving up until the case is won,
    There’s nothing on TV that makes my heart sing,
    Than hearing that immortal line ‘Sir, just one more thing,
    So let’s be Frank, Columbo – the greatest of them all, would look absolutely awesome hanging on my wall!

  13. My Cell mate “Wayne”has covered our cell walls with pictures of himself and this is the guy that caught him. He will faint when he sees this and I will get a break from him,constantly talking about himself.

  14. Peter was an inspiration to me as a kid, along with other cop shows like Adam-12 and Dragnet. I later became a cop in the Los Angeles area and retired as a lieutenant after 30 years of service. When my staff would call me “lieutenant”, I often thought to myself how cool it was to be counted among the ranks of one of my all-time TV idols. I even wrote to Peter many years ago and he was so kind in his response. I still watch these religiously and it would be wonderful to display such a beautiful work of art along with the other memorabilia of a career born from my love for law enforcement and Columbo in my home. As always, Peter and the entire cast of Suitable for Framing were outstanding. It’s one of my go-to favorite episodes. Now, where are my gloves?

  15. This would look great between my poster for “Walking My Baby Back Home” and my portrait of Mrs. Melville, but since I don’t have either of those yet this would be a good start!

  16. One more thing is about the best title ever, except it could have started with, “Oh”, Just one more thing! Columbo always started to walk away before remembering he needed “just one more thing”…..Great work and an excellent likeness. I sure would appreciate such a fine piece of art. Thanks!

  17. Alistair’s print is definitely “Suitable for Framing”! This is “just one more thing” about Lt Columbo that I love!

  18. This is an easy one for me. A coworker/friend has been calling me Columbo for years because of my pattern of working with people and trying to narrow things down. He actually sent me a link to and here I am…throwing my name into the hat. I am a big fan of the show, I still watch episodes when I come across them. The piece is very cool…classic!

    • My wife and I have nothing hanging on any of our walls in our house. She bought the house in 2007. Nothing on the walls. She decided I could live there as well in 2011. Nothing on the walls. 2012 we said hey let’s celebrate and get married. We did and nothing on the walls. There are options posters in tubes, a framed movie poster of our wedding, paintings. Nope still stored away. 2019 showed her this giveaway. Said let’s try and win this. We love Columbo and love the piece of art. We would be honored to have this be the first thing hung on the walls of our home. I

  19. omg this is awesome! well, im decorating my bedroom, and theres a big space above my desk, and i had no idea what belonged there, until now lol for over 25 years ive made my own tees with columbo on em. i wore one when i went to san fran years ago, when i went up a tower, i forgot its name, where the partots are, the guy was all, omg peter falk was ere the other month. i was so excited lol also it got alot of attention in little italy! finally, im hungarian, (live in england tho) and we have a statue of columbo and his dog in budapest. im so excited by this, if i dont win, i think somat columbo still defo belongs in my room! also, we take columbos name in vain everyday when we take the pee outta eachother…nice work columbo lol. one more thing…good luck everyone! :o)

  20. I’ve been looking for a great Peter Falk to keep Eli Wallach, James Garner, Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef company on my wall of acting heroes!

    • I don’t like to enter because then I can’t lose. Much as I’d be thrilled to….
      .. My family just doesn’t get how I can watch this show daily. Its my secret! But my question for you is how do you get your gallery of those others? They’re ok too.

    • Hanging in my hallway this would ensure no murders go unsolved in my house dare my wife find out I ate all the Doritos again.

  21. Oh, sorry, please forgive me, Sir, I really didn’t mean to stumble over this beautiful painting, but it was accidentally standing in my way when I just stepped out of your amazing art gallery. I was so absent-minded, wondering how on earth anyone can possibly paint like that… I wished I had such a talent, but I am just a police lieutenant. I can imagine you were about to hang that painting onto the wall of your hallway, is that right? Gee, I hope the frame isn’t broken. If it is, I will certainly compensate for the damage. May I ask… oh no, I’m afraid that’s too much to ask for… I was just thinking whether it might be possible to get hold of a copy of that masterpiece for ten or maybe twenty bucks or so? My wife wouldn’t believe me if I told her how marvellously you portrayed me. I think, once she happens to see this with her own eyes, she would love to have it hanging on our bedroom wall. You won’t guess when is her birthday: on November 8. It would be such an outstanding present for her!

  22. My comment isn’t going to be funny, but I thought I’d add what Columbo means to me. As a child, teen and now adult, Columbo has been the one TV connection I’ve had with my Gran over the years. Every Sunday I have dinner with my Gran, and I must have watched every episode of Colombo at least twice by this point. My Gran has a bit of a crush on Peter Falk, and I’m a sucker for the naive act that Columbo performs whilst simultaneously nailing the perp.

    My Gran now has dementia, and when I visit I’m always trying to find shows on TV that she will engage with. It’s tough. But one show she’ll always light up for is Columbo. She can’t always follow the plot, but she knows Columbo, and usually she recognises the various guest stars who are more than likely responsible for the murder of the week.

    As nice as it would be to win a print for this comment, and stick it on my Gran’s wall. The truth is, I may buy a print anyway, because it is a lovely piece of a great man.

    Thanks for your work.

  23. Well, you see, I’d really like…excuse me, but how much did you pay for those shoes? $75? I paid $10 for these, and my feet are killing me all day. Anyway, this painting is beautiful; you know, my wife Mrs Columbia, well, she took this painting class, ten weeks, and all we ended up with is a picture of a bowl of fruit, nothing like what this artist did! I’m going to write down the artist’s name and I, uh, I ummm…excuse me, do you have a pen? I’m always forgetting where I put mine. Oh, thank you…say, this is a nice pen! Where do you get a pen like this? Custom made?! A pen! Me, I use these Bic pens, cheap as anything, but they work good. Anyway, Mrs Columbo would get the biggest kick if I came home with that painting. Ok, I’ve taken up too much of your time, thanks so much……………………………………………………………just one more thing…

  24. I’d love to display this portrait of Columbo on my wall simply because I really like Columbo! I always have.

  25. I teach Criminal Justice and one of the classes I teach is Criminal Justice and the Media as a class at California State University, Stanislaus, This Classic painting would help introduce my students to the excellent Crime/Drama show that Colombo truly was and still is!

  26. I need this print because I’m a sound artist who is working on a piece that is a sonic re-envisionment of Columbo. This print would help me organize the textures and affects associated with the show that I am trying to capture in my art.

  27. I taught a high school class “20th Century Cultures” and the highlight for students was watching Columbo.I would love to donate the painting to my high school.

  28. Having been a columbophile since the 70’s I would love to own such a beautiful print as this. For the past several years I have assembled an as close to screen accurate as possible (including authentic badge and i.d. card) and gone to at least the second largest sci fi comic con in Atlanta and portrayed the lovable Lieutenant. I even had a star who worked with Peter Falk ask for a selfie with me! Columbo is awesome and so is this print. Plus, Mrs. Columbo would love to have it .

  29. This is a picture suitable for framing, and it seems this competition is the most crucial game. My house is like a greenhouse jungle and this would be the short fuse to ignite the negative reaction in my forgotten lady. But my wife, who shall remain nameless, but at one point was any old port in a storm and now no longer my lady in waiting is the most dangerous match for me. As she has found the love of columbo too. She is a friend indeed and would also love this on our wall. It’s best displayed by dawn’s early light and would receive double exposure from the pair of us.

    I hope this isn’t some grand deception and I am in with a chance of winning. I hope there are no conspirators as it’d be a double shock if something lovely but lethal was not a possibility to win. You’d need more than a case of immunity to escape the Columbo fans wanting to win. And besides. It’d be an exercise in fatality to get away with it. It’s more a matter of honour.

    Oh.. One more thing before I publish or perish this.

    Bye bye.

    High IQ may be needed to win this and I hope I am a candidate for crime based artwork.
    Graham and dog.

  30. I think its a great picture , I printed a copy off of Instagram showed it to my old dad and he said that artist has got him spot on , its currently on my wall but it brings back memories of the art shown in a small bar that came to my home town Kensal rise North London , i paid it a visit one Sunday morning over a couple of bottles of cider and was very impressed with it paticulary a watercolor of Abigail Mitchell and colombo on the pier in Try and Catch Me which somebody has since bought for 300 quid , I would nt have known about this exhibit only for the great columbophile ,
    Keep up the good work columbophile

  31. This would be so delightful on my wall – just to look up at any time to watch the master thinking about the crime. Hmm…

  32. My girlfriend calls me a freak, but you watched this a million times, doesn’t matter, I must have this artwork, cheers 😁

  33. I don’t know much about art, but my wife … she’s a big fan of Alistair Little. She’s the first to put in her order at the library whenever they run free tickets to a retrospective of his. She’d get a real kick outta me winning this and bringing it home.

  34. So that I can one day bequeath my entire art collection to Edna Matthews, the wife I mistakenly divorced 15 years ago.
    I hope she doesn’t realise an elaborate plan to do me in, so that she can get at this lovely piece of art sooner though. Erm… perhaps this wasn’t such a good idea after all?

  35. I don’t know much about art, but my wife … now she’s a big fan of Alistair Little. She’s the first to put in her order at the library whenever there are free tickets to one of his retrospective collections. She’d get a real kick outta me winning this and bringing it home.

  36. I need this to fit in between my “murder a self portrait” print by Jaroslav gebr, 1989 season 9 episode 1. And my drawing in charcoal of “The girl in the blue blouse” by the great Peter Falk No 110 / of 300. This would go very nice in between & of course drive my wife mad.

  37. I would be honored to put this up on the “portrait wall” in my apartment in Brooklyn, NY. We have a large wall in our living room with a collection of 20 something rather eclectic portraits that this beautiful painting of the Lieutenant would make a most excellent addition to! I am also a lifelong Columbo fan. My grandfather (who lived with us while I was growing up in Los Angeles) and I regularly watched re-runs together starting when I was about 8 years old. Going back the the 70s, Grandpa was a regular at Dan Tana’s restaurant in West Hollywood – also a fave of the Mr. Falk as he would tell me! (Like to imagine they knocked back a few together over the years…)

    • This painting encapsulates the uniqueness of Peter Falk and the character he created. Instantly recognisable.

  38. Peter was my late father’s age. I have pics of my dad on the wall and adding this beautiful one would keep my dad great company!!!!

  39. Obviously it would have to go above the kitchen table – because next time an exciting meal has been ruined by some LIQUID FILTH (leading to an awkward silence) this would be a perfect conversation re-starter.

  40. I’ve got a lot of photographs around the house so it would be nice to have an iconic painting to go with them


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