Give a Columbo fan a hand: complete the Columbophile reader survey


“Please Lieutenant, just fill in the survey and make it quick!”

NB – the survey referenced in this article is now closed! Thanks to the hundreds upon hundreds of you who completed it! Read about the findings here.

There comes a time  in every man’s life when they have to make a decisions on where to go next. For me, that time is now.

Away from the pleasing environs of this blog I do have a professional life. Or at least I did until very recently. Craving more time to commit to creative pursuits in general and Columbo projects more specifically, I sensationally quit the corporate day job in January! Get excited, etc etc…

On paper that’s terrific news and there are definitely no regrets, so here I am desperately trying to plot a way how to make a living out of the things I really love doing, while Mrs Columbo toils night and day to earn enough shekels to keep the Junior Columbos in chilli, boiled eggs and cigars.

So, anyway, before I assess which direction/s to take myself in, I thought I’d seek a little help and guidance from my very favourite people: ALL OF YOU! I’m after feedback and inspiration from you on the Columbo things I currently do, and other areas I could expand into (within reason – I can’t afford to buy character rights from Universal, more’s the pity).

Dawn 14

Could you please fill in my survey… and lend me a fresh pair of socks?

To that end, it would make my Columbo-loving heart SING WITH GLEE if you could please take just 5 minutes (or less, in all likelihood) to fill in a short reader survey! This will allow you to share insights on how and when you interact with my Columbo-related content, how you rate it, and whether there’s an audience for new and exciting Columbophile projects.

As always, I don’t ask you to do this with no thought of reward for your efforts. Indeed I will offer one absolutely splendid, genuine 1970s’ Columbo Italian photo movie poster to one lucky participant, and will post it to you wherever you live in the world. So please dive in with confidence! I’ll keep it live until the end of March.


Thanks in advance for your help. And in case you haven’t heard me say this before, I am eternally grateful for the support, good times and positivity provided by the online Columbo community over many years. I will once again be in your debt.

IMG_4637 (1)

I promise to jig merrily like this if you complete the survey – or if you don’t

PS – Since quitting the day job I’ve been temporarily separated from my Columbo DVDs, so episode reviews are on hold until I am reunited with them in March. On the plus side, I’ll have more time to bust out the reviews more swiftly in future months, so everyone’s a winner, right?

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