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Be the millionth page viewer and a Columbo prize could be yours!

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Sharing good news with BFFs is da greatest, right guys?

I’m all about sharing successes with friends. Maybe you’re the same? Thing is, almost none of my friends know or care about Columbo, meaning that a personal milestone is in danger of slipping by uncelebrated.

And what is that milestone, I hear you crow? Well, dear friends, it’s that this humble blog, this labour of love, this heartfelt homage to Lieutenant Columbo is nearing its millionth page view!

**Pauses to dab eyes with kerchief, while conducting lap of honour around empty home, high-fiving imaginary audience all the way.**

Why should you care about my personal milestone? Well there’s no real reason, although the thrill of the shared online Columbo experience may do it for some of you – especially those who, like me, have scant opportunity to debate the merits of the show with the folk you know in real life.

“I will personally send a genuine 1970s Columbo Italian photo poster from the episode Dagger of the Mind to the person who hits that millionth page view.”

However, to encourage the casual visitor to become a regular guest, and to reward the tens of thousands of lovely readers who have made this site their go-to resource for everything Columbo, there’s something in it for you!

Yes folks, I will personally send a genuine 1970s Columbo Italian photo poster from the episode Scacco Matto A Scotland Yard (or Dagger of the Mind to non-Italian speakers) to the person who hits that millionth page view and can send me photographic/screen capped evidence of the feat via email.

Friend 11

Warning: the Columbo fan in your life may go to extreme measures to win the prize ahead of you!

And because I’m a good guy, in the likelihood that the millionth viewer may well be directed to the site via a commonly used search term such as ‘Patricia Mattick nude‘ and promptly leave (it happens), the offer stands to whomever gets closest to the 1,000,000 mark and sends evidence of that.

In short, when we get to about 990,000 views, get screen capping like Billy-O just in case. This site has a global audience, so if you nod off at 999,001 page views in New Zealand, the million mark could easily pass you by, allowing a Timbuktu resident to scoop the proverbial jackpot!

And how will you know when we get close to this thrilling endgame? Well take a look in the top right area of any page on this site, as indicated below. If you’re reading on a mobile, this will be right down at the bottom of the page, immediately below the black and white photo of smiley Columbo. There’s a page counter ticking away there at all times, so eagle-eyed viewers will always be able to keep tabs on how close we are to that sweet, sweeeet millionth!


Keep your eyes on the prize, sports fans!

So there we have it, dear readers, a little something to show my genuine appreciation to those who have taken the time to visit the site, enjoy and share its content, and leave their own thoughts on the greatest show of all time.

Yes folks, the online Columbo community is a terrific group to be part of – and long may it continue!

Columbo Goes to College

These punks think they’ve got the prize in the bag. PROVE THEM WRONG!

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58 thoughts on “Be the millionth page viewer and a Columbo prize could be yours!

  1. I saw the art show on the women of columbo , it came to a small cocktail bar in my home town in north London. it had Abigail and the lieutenant , the seargent from murder of a rock star and trish van devere from make me a perfect murder which is one of my favourite episodes ,and more , the paintings were on public auction but iof coumbophile could create a poster with a classic poster would be good.

  2. to add to my recent only demonstrates there is no one giving my opinion on the best columbo episodes it does not devalue any of the other episodes.i feel im overlooking the performances of janet leigh,eddie albert and fellow new Zealander and welligtonian born clive revel.columbo was such a good show.everyone a gem.we rarely get to seeepeter falks early work in motion pictures ie murder think that bing Crosby was considered for the raincoated detective

  3. such a great show.peter falk.a great many favourite episodes of this favourite villans culp Cassidy,werner,jourdan and Williamson.the strangest episode had leslie nielson as one of the guest stars.also how could I forget the great Patrick main salute to this great actor and this show is I have the dvds in my collection

  4. Congratulations on your milestone!
    Thank you for this blog, it’s outstanding!
    If you’ll excuse me, I am going to toast your success over lemon marmalade. It’s great on an English muffin.

  5. Oh there’s just one more thing……. have a good week everyone. (Couldn’t resist doing a Columbo).

  6. Hello and thanks for the blog and the twitter feed. It’s great to keep Columbo and especially Peter Falk in our thoughts today. Such a legendary guy and character.

  7. many thanks to you for this blog, for all the work you put into it; all the love for the Lt. and the fans. Congratulations on your millionth+ viewer! (I stayed awake to ‘see’ it!)

  8. i have a feeling it’s gonna tick over tonight while i’m sleeping (or trying to stay awake with my screen shot at ready), so congrats in advance to whomever takes it home. (and how i wish it was me, since Dagger is my fave ep!)….And thank you, thank you, CP, for this wonderful place. And may your viewage ever increase!

  9. did you know, dick van dyke from negative reaction is still alive and acting in a theatre remake of Mary Poppins which he originally starred in he’s now 92 I believe not 100% sure of his age. negative reaction is one3 of my favourite episodes

  10. Thank you for this awesome website! I just discovered it a few months ago and I can’t get enough. I have loved Columbo since I was young growing up in the seventies. I really enjoy your reviews and the reader comments. Thank you so much!

  11. is there anywhere except online that I could get a columbo mug or t shirt or any merchandise like that in the UK

    • For official merchandise we’re not in the best of locations.. that said, Etsy has quite a few decent t-shirts and mugs and other merchandise. There’s a Great Santini mug on there which I’ve had my eye on for a while.

  12. Columbo was the bomb is the bomb I can watch his shows over and over and over and love it always is number one in my eyes and in my heart

  13. Would love to have that poster because I actually love that episode. But don’t get what you do either. Glad for the columbophile since I am a great fan of Peter Falk and Columbo. Although I am also a fan of Doctor Who (2nd doctor in particular, and Gerry Anderson’s shows and Martin Landau was in space 1999. Thanks again for the blog.

  14. Very clever, CP! You’ve never concealed your distaste for “Dagger of the Mind.” Surely, even having a “Dagger of the Mind” poster around the house must cause you sleepless nights. What an original way to purge yourself of this albatross. Now, as the “Dagger” chief defender …

  15. Congrats on such an amazing milestone! I love visiting your site. For such a long time, it seemed like my family was all alone in our Columbo loving world–nice to know there are a lot more people out there who love it as much as we do.

  16. I named my dog Columbo. It’s his 8th birthday today. My Dad got me hooked on the show when I was young. It’s different from other mysteries. Columbo has a good idea who did it, the killer thinks they’re smart and always underestimate Columbo. Gotta love him.

    • I have always love Columbo. He is like a modern day Sherlock Holmes. Always outsmarted the bad guys.And I love it. Thanks for this blog.

  17. Thank you so much for keeping us updated on Columbo. We love him, even reruns we’ve seen a million times, there is something new to catch. Don’t follow anyone else for any reason but love Columbo & as a real Columbophiliac, you know much more that we can learn from you. I know it’s a lot of work (mostly enjoyable, I’m sure but Peter Falk must smile down at you with the sunshine & a thanks only he could give. ‘wanna half a candy bar? Thank you for all the facts & fun. Betsy & Kevin in Ky!


  18. I have watch Columbo, Since the Series ran! I am very Faithful to The Series, Watch Every Saturday Night both Episode’s ! Would Love The Poster to Hang in My Home as a Tribute to Mr.Peter Falk ! Love that Man Who brought Great Life to The Columbo Character!

  19. Am I am I am I?! That would be something! Great idea, but it’s you we have to thank for keeping up this wonderful blog. Like I said some place before, since I discovered it, this has become my favourite website. Keep it up (in your own tempo of course)!


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