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Who is Columbophile?

I am a Columbo super-fan, expert and influencer who loves the character of Lieutenant Columbo and the charm brought to the role by Peter Falk.

My first foray into the online Columbo community came when I started the @columbophile account on Twitter in 2011. I was delighted by the positive response, and the enduring love the world still has for the show. The rest has grown from there.

When I’m not watching the show, or adding pics to the Columbophile Instagram page, or adding to this blog, or reading Columbo books, or expanding my collection of Columbo memorabilia, or updating the Columbophile Facebook page, or walking my basset hound, I live a quiet life with my family in Australia.

Relatively few people in Oz are aware of the greatness of the program, which is why social media has been such a revelation in enabling contact with fans across the world. If you’re a fan of Columbo, or of Peter Falk in general, I’d love to hear from you! I hope you enjoy this site, and I’m always happy to receive feedback – as long as you don’t use language that would upset Mrs Columbo. She cries easily, you know…

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  1. Has anyone else ever noticed that Columbo NEVER calls his murders by their first name alone. The only episode I can find where he calls the murderer just by his first was in the first tv episode ” Murder by the book. He calls Jack Cassidy ” Ken” at the end when he says ” You know Ken , I never thought I would get you ” or something along those lines. Can anyone else recall Columbo calling the Murderer of the episode by his first name alone ?????? He would use both names like ” Mr Gerard , the famous Mr Paul Gerard.”

      • Yes , you are absolutely right. He did call Justine by his first name often in that episode. He may have done it more in the later ABC episodes.

  2. I have been a Columbo fan since the 1970’s. I remember seeing my first episode in 1977 when I was 7 and loving it then. Not a fan of the later years episodes after season 8 and on. Just does not have the same “Columbo feel” Favorite episode? Death Lends A Hand, Any Old Port IN A Storm…
    I even had the chance to see the outside of the home from Death Lends A Hand where the Cabin seen was filmed in Big Bear. Ca.Will post photo..(Does not disclose address).

    • Opps. Made a mistake on the episode of Death Lends a Hand. Great episode but I meant to say Murder By The Book, which contains the home located in Big Bear where Ken Franklin has his cabin.

  3. I am a lifelong Columbophile myself. As one I just today noticed something in one of the episodes I had never noticed before. The very first Columbo episode of the Tv Anthology series NBC Sunday night mystery was the Steven Spielberg directed ” Murder by the book. In that episode they show a great painted picture of the fictional crime solver ” Mrs Maple after the murder of one of the writing partners. They even close out that episode with the photo of Mrs Maple and dour/sinister music. Its a great closing. Turns out their is ANOTHER episode with that exact picture in it. In the second to last season ( #6) of the NBC series( first series run ) there were only 3 episodes made because of intense contract negotiations between Peter Fauk and the studio. The first episode of season #6 alluded to this with William Shatner as a overpaid TV detective who murders one of his producers. Well I was watching the 3rd episode today, ” The Bye-Bye sky high IQ murder case. I have it on DVD and have seen it dozens of times but I had never noticed before THAT the painting of Mrs Maple is in this episode. As the murderer , Oliver , is entering the ” Sigma ” club he walks into the room where the group meeting is being held. As he walks into the room the picture of Mrs Maple is hanging on the wall just to his right. I would guess it was put in there as a tribute , as this episode, at the time, may have very well have been the last one made in the series. Turns out even old dog Columbo fans can always learn something new with our favorite tv detective. Just one more thing , thanks for creating this page. 😉

    • ‘Mrs Melville’, I think it was and yes, you are correct in your observation, although I too never noticed it initially; TBBSHIQMC is one of my favourite episodes.

      (Incidentally, CP, is this the longest Columbo episode title?)

  4. Congratulations again on completing your reviews and finalizing stats for the episodes from the seventies. As I mentioned on another forum, good luck with the shows from ‘89 on…although I do love Columbo Goes To College for the kitsch factor, and I quite like Agenda For Murder and one more that doesn’t come to mind.

    Pretty much everything else, yikes! Murder In Malibu…No Time To Die…Columbo and The Murder of a Rock Star, omg. I watch them for fun but there’s a LOT of cringing.

    Anyway thanks again Columbophile for your awesome site, and everybody who can please buy this man a cup of joe! ☕️

  5. Hello
    Just letting you know, Slate today (Jan. 12/2020) has an article entitled “Watching Columbo Is the Only Foolproof Way to Escape the News, So Here Are Some Episodes of Columbo”. The word is spreading.
    Alistair W

      • Thank you for the post on Patricia Mattick, Columbophile, she was an amazing actress. This world would be a richer, more artful and happier place if she was still alive. 👩🏻‍🦰 👓Her WK article has been submitted for approval. Ed from Miami👍

        • Hello to all! Ed from Miami, FL. I’m the one always researching and writing about the late Patricia Mattick- Margaret in Ransom for a Dead Man. Is taking me longer than expected to her Wikipedia article up, boy, they are picky- but now she has an article on Everipedia- it has 22 views since this morning, if anyone cares to visit. She is also on Pinterest and Listal-under her name; below is the Everipedia link, or just type her name and it will come up. About time she had one! 👩🏻‍🦰Thank you for the opportunity to mention this, most awesome Columbophile!


          Ed, the Miami librarian 👍

  6. Love the google map for houses, but, has anyone mentioned the fab cars? I’d like to know the make, year, and models. Already done?

    • Hello there. An article about the series’ most fabulous vehicles is on the way thanks to the help of an auto expert on vintage cars. I’m sure it’ll be a gem!

  7. Just discovered your blog and I’m so excited! I’d love to send a small donation, but I cannot get the “buy me a coffee” link to work. Is there a known issue or is it just me?

  8. Is there any chance you could show the complete results of the ‘favourite episode’ poll, rather than just the top 10? Keep up the good work

    • F.Y.I.,Pat McGoohan appeared in 4 Columbos,the one you missed is from Season 3,”Dawn’Early Light” and I was honoured to know and work with Peter. I even had him participate in an evening event @ the legendary Rocket Video in 2009. I also know Clive Revill the main villain of the last episode of the original series in Season 7,”The Conspirators”. If you write to me @ ddunster@gmail.com. I will put in touch with Clive !

  9. Only recently found this – what an excellent website! Have far have you got reviewing the episodes? I’m working through (the 70s) boxset in order and looking up your review after each one.

  10. Hi there! Congratulations for this excellent blog! When I found it, I couldn’ t believe there was still an active community around a show that aired its last episode 15 years ago! But if there is one character that deserves it, that is our beloved Lieutenant! I love Columbo (or Colombo, as we know him in Italy) since I was a kid (late 80s). Last summer, during my holidays, I accidentally came across one episode they were re-airing (requiem for a falling star) while “zapping” the TV programs and suddenly I decided that I wanted to watch the whole thing again! So I started right after my holidays, and browsing the internet for info about Columbo co-stars, I found your blog, and I’ve been reading it since. So, thanks for this! I have almost catched up on your episodes review, so I hope that you find the time to update them regularly.
    I was happy to read that we have the same favorite episode (bye-bye sky high I.Q.): it’ s the one that made the most impression to me when I first saw it as a kid, I still have clear in my mind that sequence with the disc player, the shots, the marker and the book falling on the floor after many years…
    So, I’m glad that I found this blog! Keep up the good work!
    Oh… one more thing… (sorry about that :p)
    I’d like to end on a note about the Italian version of Columbo: as you might know, in Italian TV everything is dubbed. The voice actor for Columbo (Giampero Albertini) made an excellent job, I loved it, even though his voice is quite different from Falk’s. For me it was a little strange, years later, hearing Columbo with such a different voice…

  11. I was a great fan in my youth at the time Columbos were on the french TV. I recently had my foster kid watch his first episodes ever and decided I would (re)watch all of them in the airing order…then found out your site as THE reference, This is a pleasure to read your analysis after watching every episode. I’m in season 3, I can only say thank you and hope you will carry on writing your pages as quickly as I go through the sweet 69 (if you did not finished yet 😉 !!! Greetings from France, fellow columbophile !

  12. Bonjour,
    Tout simplement merci pour ce site. Je suis une fan Française inconditionnelle de Columbo j’ai toujours autant de plaisir à regarder les épisodes lorsque des chaines françaises le propose. Je suis heureuse de partager ma passion pour ce lieutenant de police pas ordinaire avec vous. Désolée j’écris en Français, le bonjour de la Provence !

  13. Hi there. I found your site yesterday, and I just wanted to say that I think it is awesome! Your passion for this series and knowledge of it is evident in all you write. I am looking forward to working my way through your posts.

    I got into the series a few years back and it’s become a great favourite of mine. I love seeing Columbo outsmart the villains. I love seeing all those famous guest stars show up. I think the 70’s seasons are the best ones and they are the episodes I return to regularly.

    Keep up the great work!


  14. Just wanted to say what great blog this is. It’s about time Columbo had a decent website. I’m a 30 year old fan from the Uk. I look forward to reading your reviews as I rewatch the series. Keep up the good work.

  15. OH what a site this is, thank you so much for all the work you put into it! Peter Falk is my favorite actor of all time, and having just now discovered your blog makes me feel as if he is still with us. I have to admit to a major crush on him, I think he’s terribly sexy, and he brings so much heart to every role he plays. One of his less touted roles was as Vinnie Glynn in “Money Kings” with Tyne Daly as his wife. They has great chemistry together. Anyway, thanks for all you do!!

  16. Pingback: Was George C. Scott actually in Columbo? | The columbophile

  17. Can’t believe it’s taken me this long to find such a cool site! I’m a big fan of the work Peter Falk and the producers did to make COLUMBO a childhood fav of mine that has stood the test of time. Thanks for giving us a place to express our luv of this show, as well as a forum to discuss some things about the show(especially the later tv movies)that may not be loved quite as much. I tweeted a pic/answer re: interaction with guests of the show(Joanne Linville) to you and appreciated your response. I was a tour guide at Universal Studios Hollywood years ago and interacted with Ross Martin(Suitable for Framing), Robert Conrad(An Exercise in Fatality)etc. Wasn’t there when the series was in production however. If I ever run into any other guest stars I’ll remember to snap a pic and send it your way. Cheers!

    • Hello, and I’m very pleased you’ve found your way here after the Twitter interaction of earlier this week. Yes please, send any snaps my way!

  18. Thank you so much for making this site. I remember watching Columbo episodes as a young kid. They really helped shape my life – in a way, it proved that you didn’t have to be suave or good-looking to succeed, just smart and dedicated. These episodes fueled my imagination as a kid, and I even wrote a Star Trek / Columbo story way back before “crossover fanfic” was even a term.

    (Fun fact: Many episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine were written by Columbo staff writer Peter Alan Fields. One episode of DS9 – “Necessary Evil” – is essentially head of security Odo solving a crime *as Columbo*, including the typical false exit followed by, “Oh, one more thing…”)

    I love your detailed analysis of these episodes. You share many of my feelings about the episodes and bring to light many things I didn’t consider. Very well done.

    Please continue to produce high quality material like this. Thank you for what you’ve done so far. Let me know if you ever need a hand producing material; I would love to contribute.

    I am looking forward to the weeks ahead as I delve into the material you’ve written.

  19. Thanks so much for this amazing opportunity for us all to re-live the life of Columbo and to relive too our own lives as we knew it back in the 60s 70s and 80s and also 90s ….i love the last series as much as the first. Hugest thanks.

  20. This site and blog are AMAZING! Well done on such a fab site. I laughed heartily as well as well as really appreciating the detailed analysis – I have watched the 70s Columbos over and over again and know some of them (Any Old Port, Sky High IQ – my faves) almost off by heart!

    Forgive the length of this post, but I would like though to open a debate with you and your followers…


    Any Old Port In A Storm is an amazing Columbo episode. In fact, it’s my favourite of them all. But am I alone in thinking Carsini’s unrelenting and inexplicable popularity with all (including our man Columbo himself) leaves something of a bad taste in the mouth?

    Right from the very start, we see Falcon and his non entities swoon over him in electing him Man of the Year, after heaping frankly embarrassing praise on him. And this despite Adrian’s rudeness to them. (That appalling “Texas bumpkins” gaff? Royal gossip columnists swear that viewer Prince Philip is legendarily reported to have shouted at the TV screen, “Even I wouldn’t have said THAT, you jumped up little creep”.)

    Soon afterwards, perhaps the most inexplicable and infuriating example of this vile man being presented as LA’s very own answer to Hugh Grant comes with the sycophantic virtually-urinating-themselves laughter from the assembled admirers at the pre-auction drinks at Carsini’s “How did I know the wine? I peeked at the label!” belter. Eric Morecambe, eat your heart out. In fact, talk about getting ideas above your station, I’ve just realised that, watching Carsini hold court in that scene, you would be forgiven for somehow thinking Carsini was actually the host of the sodding event – rather than just the ordinary ticket-buying Joe Punter that he is among all the others who are there.

    Such is the hero-worshipping love for Carsini, you get the feeling that if, even at the end of the episode, you were to suggest to Falcon that, now, it might just be the appropriate thing to do to strip Carsini of the Man of the Year accolade and re-award it to a decent law abiding citizen without a murder conviction – maybe one of Derek or Sid Marino? – your plea would go in one Texan bumpkin ear and out of the other.

    Then, of course, there is Adrian’s secretary Karen, who regards Adrian as, to use a phrase copyrighted by Bet Lynch from Coronation Street, a “cracking piece of trouser”. She displays the kind of lust for him which I don’t remember seeing in any other Columbo female character. And this towards a man who ordered himself a wine, but her no drink at all, on the flight. Has the woman no pride? She must surely be under no illusion that that she’ll inevitably have a downtrodden, neglected life with him. She’ll be the one carrying the honeymoon luggage for a start.

    On the plus side, at least there is some justice in that, even if Adrian and Karen don’t marry, Carsini’s office life can never be so comfortable now. Whatever HR policies the vinery has in place to protect Carsini from sexual harrassment, now the cat is out of the bag regarding Karen’s infatuation, the Carsini posterior is now likely to be vulnerable to considerable pinching over the coming years. (Mind you that’s nothing to what he’ll face in jail … let’s hope he’s not made to use the same prison showers as Oliver “Fancy a tickle, Bertie?” Brandt…)

    Most disappointingly of all, even our hero himself, Columbo, at the very point of arresting Carsini for what is after all an especially cruel, painful and long-drawn-out murder, inexplicably remains a committed member of the Carsini fab club, still seeming utterly smitten with him and gifting him with expensive dessert wine – a privilege markedly not afforded to others. (I don’t recall, say, Jarvis Goodland, to pick a name at random, upon arrest, being presented with a nice new implausible hairpiece, do you?)

    I can only hope that, in a forthcoming episode of the legendary “At Home with the Carsinis”, it emerges that, unbeknown to viewers, Columbo had actually SPAT in the dessert wine before handing it to him. And that, in a later episode, we hear Karen finally snap and shout at him: “Falcon NEVER really liked you! And as for me …. quite frankly, I’d rather wake up finding myself next to ……. [budding At Home with Carsini scriptwriters, insert your own choice of name from the myriad of Columbo Dirty Old Men with Trophy Wives here]…”

  21. thank you so much for this! Have not yet looked thru the entire blog, but was wondering if there is a portion that discloses filming locations. For instance, I’m wondering if the ocean/marina scenes in “Dead Weight” were filmed in Newport Beach, CA (and it also looks like Laguna Niguel to me)……I live in Southern CA and am accustomed to seeing shows of the Columbo era having ocean/marina scenes shot in Marina Del Rey, but these weren’t recognizable as such. Just curious…. (btw, my favorite Columbo’s are really too numerous to mention, but “Murder Under Glass”, “Dagger of the Mind”. I also have to include “Fade Into Murder” (because Shatner, *that* toupee, *THAT* hat) and “A Stitch in Crime” (because…..Nimoy, no toupee, no *hat* but a story that somehow reminded me of Jose Ferrer in “whirlpool”)

    I just realized that I love each and every ep of Columbo. Miss you, Rumple-y Man!

  22. Thank you, thank you for this site! My husband and I, but especially me, watch Columbo several times a week on different channels. When it was on as I was growing up I never watched it, just discovered this show several years ago in my sixties, and it drives me crazy to watch because I grew up in S.Cal. WHILE these episodes (the early ones) were being made, and I recognize so much of the locations, the decor, hair-styles, clothing, the attitudes, it’s like re-visiting my youth! And all the terrific stars that appear on these shows, it is all top-of-the-line television. Columbo has enourmous appeal, timeless appeal, in that he’s so down-to–earth, sensible, tough, but kind, and he treats princes and housemaids equally. Which is a lesson we all need. His acute perceptions, almost vibrational in character, are scary sometimes.

  23. What a brilliant site this is, I am a massive Columbo fan and my sons and daughter (in their 20’s) know most of the episodes. I love your episode reviews, are you going to continue them?

  24. Watching an episode of Columbo on Cozi TV (cable channel in NYC) now, as I do every Saturday and Sunday evening. Thanks for this great Web site.

  25. Dear Columbophile, I’d be a sun of a gun, this is one gem of a blog! I’ve discovered it by chance about a month ago and have since read every single post. Just wanted to express my gratitude and respect for all the time and effort you put into this.
    Please do keep up the good work and be assured that there are probably a lot of us out there who truly admire it!
    All the best to you and looking forward to “reading from you” soon.
    Best regards,

  26. Thank you for this wonderful site! As huge Columbo fans, my wife and I bought a book “The Columbo Phile” at the Museum of Television and Radio in Los Angeles over 20 years ago. I must’ve read it a dozen times but that book is coming up on 30 years old. Your site is fresh with wonderful info about our favorite police detective! Thank you so much for creating it!

    • Hi Craig! Thanks so much for your kind words, they’re very much appreciated. The Columbo Phile is a terrific book. I’d love Mark Dawidziak to do a follow up.

  27. I love this site! Great to see there are so many fans of Columbo out there. There will never be a programme like this, ever again, irrespective of any attempted re-boots, re-imaginings etc etc. Peter Falk was Sine qua non, nobody could replace him.

    Keep up the great work on the blog, I very much enjoy your writing and the angles from which you approach the different aspects of individual episodes. I have watched each episode so many times (perhaps not so much the very late ones – Undercover, no time to die etc) that I have developed my own views on pretty much every facet of the episodes – it is refreshing to hear somebody else’s!

    • Thanks Chris, I appreciate the kind words and glad you’re enjoying the blog. Would love to hear your thoughts on the episodes that have been reviewed so far!

  28. I’m a big fan of Columbo. I first watched the episodes in my language (Italian) when I was a child, mostly because as a kid I liked to watch tv with my dad, who was a huge fan of Columbo as well. In later years I rediscovered the series but in order to understand and enjoy it to the fullest I started watching it in the original. Almost every day I watch
    some clips from my favorite episodes. I’ve almost learned by heart some scenes from episodes like “every old port in a storm”.

    It’s amazing to discover blogs like this. I mean, I love the idea of a fan like you sharing with the world the passion for this great series and the works of Columbo in general. Keep up the good work. Alessandro

  29. I recently rediscovered Columbo on a local station that aired reruns on Sunday nights. I found that one a week just wasn’t enough and I went and bought the whole series. I had no idea that Colombo books even existed so once I’ve made my way through the series I can continue it through there. Thanks again for building this site, watching Columbo is like catching up with a dear old friend an this site has only added to my enjoyment of re-watching some beloved episodes and discovering some I had missed!

  30. Hey Columbophile. I watch Columbo over and over. But i just realised that I read and read and read again your comments and analysis about the episodes. Can’t wait for the next one to come. When it takes too long, you always have there funny ideas (like the worst dressed people). Anywauy, as a fan, your site is a real pleasure ! (sorry for my bad english again)

    • Receiving comments like this really makes my day, thanks so much. I’m working on review of Dagger of the Mind at the moment, which I hope will be ready to circulate within a couple of weeks.

  31. Hi there and thanks for all your hard work on this site! I have been searching for an episode which I remember as being brilliant (aren’t they all) about murder by “auto suggestion?” either in a stage production or a movie that is shown which persuades someone to a crime and Columbo uses similar process of suggestion to trap the bad guy and at the end I remember a plant pot where Columbo hangs out to finally nail the guy. Can you tell me the title of the episode, please… thank you in advance…

  32. My favorite has always been “Suitable for Framing”. I have an art background and love Dale Kingstons snooty descriptions of art and criticism, it’s a real hoot! I love his phony sophisticated accent. But of course the ending is the best! I’m a columbophile! By the way the painting at the end of SFF is also in Murder by the book in wife’s house!

    • I think there are a few paintings from the 70s series that reappear in later episodes! Totally agree about Suitable for Framing. Kingston’s performance at the art show was a RIOT! I could’ve watched a whole hour of it!

  33. Hey Columbophile, respect for the love of all things Columbo! I watch it all the time. One of the things I like most about the character of that he’s so non-judgemental, he treats everyone equally, whether a maid or a property magnate. I read your post about the new episodes. Personally I prefer the 90s one’s. Yes they were a little shtick but they were lighter hearted 😊 by the way have you heard any of the Columbo Podcasts. Two Scottish guys did them. Every episode, they’re good too. John

  34. Hey, Columbophile! I too am thrilled to find an active fanbase for Columbo and a dedicated curator such as yourself.
    Peter Falk was so gifted. His film roles in The In Laws and Wim Wenders Wings of Desire are inspired. In Columbo, he brings so much to every scene he’s in and the other actors (especially those that got to “play against type”) seem to really find another gear in their scenes with Columbo. There’s always great things happening on the screen.

    Oh, and one more thing…..Thank you for your efforts.

    • Gee whizz, you’re very kind. I’m very pleased you’re enjoying the site and I’m always blown away by the level of appreciation for the Lieutenant all over social media. Nice to know the show still has resonance nearly 50 years on.

  35. All that is watched at my house is Columbo, and of course, Barney and Friends for the little girl. The great thing about Columbo is that he so pleased with being a Lieutenant. He never wanted to be anything more. Solved so many cases but was a promotion in his sight.

  36. I’m so glad I found this blog! By 1971 (13 years old) I was just old enough to appreciate this brand new thing called Columbo and never missed an episode over it’s long run on the NBC Mystery wheel. Fast forward to recent years I “re-discovered” Columbo with all classic episodes on Netflix. In addition to being about the best mystery series ever produced, it just has this delightful way of taking me back to sweeter days. Every weekend I break out my cigars and travel back; remembering to take a good look around the detective’s familiar, simpler world of the ’70’s. Columbo has immense re-watchability; though I know what is coming I am still, to this day, surprised at details I missed. I could go on and on, of course, but just wanted to thank you for this site – I’m reserving time this weekend to catch up on all your reviews and extras.

    • I’m so pleased to hear you’re enjoying the site, and delighted to know it’s brought back some fond memories. Columbo is very good at that! Do let me know your thoughts on the reviews and other articles in due course.

  37. I appreciate his wonderful site, your well-expressed views & undeniable classic Columbo obsession, which I share & have nurtured for decades! I concur about the post-1989 episodes. I watch them on TV out of a sense or weird loyalty & an endless crush on the great detective, which induces eye-rolls with my husband. Some of them are fine watching. But NONE are of the elegant standard of the originals…

  38. I’m so glad this site exists. I grew up with Columbo (I’m 33 and from the UK) brings back great memories of being a kid at my gran’s house in the early 90s and Coluumbo was always on. My late gran adored this show and got to meet Peter Falk in 1977 when visiting the US. I love that the series is still repeated here and that I can come home from work, flop down and enjoy a classic episode. I don’t care how uncool that makes me. Big fan of Perry Mason and Kojak too. Love all the classic US crime shows from the 70s/80s.

    • I’m so pleased you like it, and really appreciate your kind comments. We’re about the same age and background and I also first encountered the show at a grandparents’ house. I don’t think it could ever be considered uncool to be a Columbo fan, could it? Particularly today in the retro-fuelled world we live in! A reboot will inevitably come along at some point soon, and they’ll we fans of the original series will be the coolest cats in town.

  39. I loooove this site. I love Columbo (not the 80s ones) so much. Can’t tell you how many times I have watched the episodes. Such a great idea to share your love for the great man. Good job.


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