Easter greetings!

Columbo Last Salute to the Commodore
Rumours of my rowing off into the bright blue yonder are premature…

Ahoy there, mates! Here’s hoping this short missive finds you well, and as much a fan of the good Lieutenant as ever.

This seasonal message serves two purposes: primarily to wish you well; and secondarily to assure regular readers that I am indeed alive and kicking, despite negligible output on the blog.

As I outlined some weeks back, now that I’m back in full-time employment in the field of sports marketing I’ve had scant time for anything other than toil and family/puppy cuddling. However, we’ve just snuck out of peak season here in Oz and I’m hopeful I’ll have more time to commit to dear Columbo once more in the coming weeks.

My overdue review of Murder With Too Many Notes is approx. half complete, although (agonisingly) so many weeks have passed since I watched it that some of the minutiae escapes me, and a repeat viewing now seems highly likely (groo!).

Columbo golf course
Here’s how I actually spend most weekends nowadays…

I’ll also hope to have some updates on the upcoming Columbo Blu-ray release to share here once I receive the all-clear to do so, as well as other assorted Columbo articles of the type you’ve become familiar with over the years.

In related news, fans of Columbo podcasts should look out for an interview with yours truly in an upcoming episode of The Shabby Detective, which was recorded just this weekend – the first weekend I’ve had no work responsibilities for many a moon!

If you’ll excuse me now I must be off to administer discipline to our naughty pup, who has just chewed a hole through a pair of carelessly dropped pyjama trousers.

And while I remember, sincere apologies to anyone who has emailed the Columbophile blog in the past few weeks, because I haven’t checked ’em for an age. To quote poor, egg-headed Bertie Hastings in The Bye-Bye Sky High IQ Murder Case: “I’ll try to do better…”

Columbo Bertie Hastings
I’m currently (reluctantly) channelling my inner Bertie Hastings
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