Columbophile book publication update

“Whaddya mean no pre-orders are available?”

Reader note – this book has now been published! Full details, including links to order, can be found here.

Hi all, this is the briefest of posts to keep you up to speed on the publication dates of my upcoming book, The Columbo Companion (if you missed the announcement, there’s more info here).

For reasons known only to them, Amazon have informed the publisher that they will not take pre-orders on the book, instead only accepting orders when they can sell and ship at the same time. Rest assured, this won’t affect readers’ ability to get hold of a copy of the book, it just means having to wait until the official launch to place your order.

The likeliest date for this is now set to be Tuesday 20 September. In some Amazon jurisdictions, it could be available on the Monday 19 or even Sunday 18 September. I will keep you all in the loop via blog and social media announcements. If you’re active in social circles, you can follow my updates on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Sorry to move the goalposts, but what can you do when Jeff Bezos and co. are calling the shots?

That’s all for today, folks, although there ought to be some sweet, fresh content for the blog posted tomorrow on subjects entirely unrelated to the book. Keep ’em peeled and enjoy your weekends!

Fear not, gang, the wait will be worth it!