Public service announcement: Columbophile whereabouts

I’ve not simply been lying down on the job, I promise!

My dear friends, how are you? I do hope this finds you well and that you’re not gnashing your teeth too firmly about my recent lack of updates.

I thank those of you who have been in touch via email to check on my whereabouts (I will reply when I get the chance), and also to the many of you who have generously donated to the upkeep of this site over the Christmas / New Year period. It is and always shall be appreciated.

However, I must come clean and let you know that I’m hopelessly adrift on Columbo content creation at the present time – a fact that is unlikely to change in the next few weeks. Here in Oz, we’re in the main school summer holidays, with all the associated time burdens they bring. Some of you may also be aware that I live in a very remote location, putting travel times into days rather than hours when getting from A to B to see family and friends.

We’ve been lashed by unseasonal storms, making travel extra difficult if even possible, and my son is soon to be heading to boarding school for the first time (more than 1000 miles from where we live), adding further complications, not to mention emotional upheaval. On top of that, I recently discovered by chance that I require surgery, which will need to be factored into my year’s timetable. When that time comes, I shall, of course, hope to avoid any dissolving suture entanglements.

Don’t worry – I won’t let this chap get anywhere near my innards!

So there we have it, folks. It’s a tricky situation but I hope it won’t keep me tied down for too much longer. As I’ve said many times, I’d rather not do something than do it poorly, so I won’t be rushing through the long-overdue Columbo Goes to College review for fear of it falling below expected standards.

I’ll hope to be back posting regularly in February, although I can’t promise I’ll ever get back to the levels of output enjoyed over the past two years, when I was averaging more than one new post per week.

Thanks for your patience and good wishes, and I’ll hope to virtually see you all here again soon. In the interim, keep out of mischief and don’t do anything Mrs Columbo wouldn’t do…

Hopefully we’ll get to hang out again real soon!

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