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Columbo Alex Benedict
Designs endorsed by Maestro Alex Benedict!

If you like the whole world to know of your Columbo fandom, what could be better than wearing your love for the Lieutenant at every given opportunity?

Personally, I like little more than flinging on a Columbo t-shirt and strutting about like a pouter pigeon, accepting the admiring glances of the hoi polloi as I do so. If you’re the same, it could be time to visit the Columbophile TeePublic store, which is now stocking an expanded range of designs paying homage to the greatest detective show of all.

Better yet, there’s a 35% off site-wide sale from 28-31 October, offering a fabulous opportunity to shop ahead for Christmas or birthdays, for as well as shirts, the designs are also available on a range of other items including mugs, magnets and sweaters.

Columbo hipsters
Columbo Ts: what these two wear whenever they’re fully clothed!

The genesis of the store was my own inability to find a Columbo logo t-shirt that utilised the original title font from the 70s’ series. To right that wrong, I had one designed specially and, in order to share the love, made it available via TeePublic.

I enjoy subtle allusions to the show, so have just added a series of designs that series’ aficionados will appreciate, but which will have less meaning to the man on the street, including Columbo’s licence plate, Nelson Hayward’s campaign slogan from Candidate for Crime, and business logos for Carsini Wineries, Milo Janus Health Spa and Ding-A-Ling ice-cream. More designs will follow in due course.

If not quite selling like hot cakes, the existing designs are certainly selling like bowls of chilli at Bert’s Diner, and that’s good enough for me. I’ve also curated some of the best other Columbo designs I can find for the store, as well as some stylish efforts for other classic TV shows, including Murder, She Wrote, The Rockford Files and MASH. There’s plenty to enjoy.

Columbo t-shirts

As a disclaimer, any purchases made through the store do earn me a small sum (a lot less than TeePublic makes), but you do get some tangible goodies for it, so everyone’s a winner! I always advocate for making purchases during the site’s frequent sales, so usually alert my followers on Twitter and Facebook to such sales to ensure they get the best deals possible.

That’s about all I can say, folks. If you do purchase, please hit me up on social media when your items arrive. I’d dearly love to see the world awash with Columbo fashions. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll make some new friends / admirers because of them?

For now, I’ll bid you adieu and get back to the task I’ve been procrastinating on for some days: a full review of Murder in Malibu. Words continue to fail me. Wish me luck…


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Columbo Ron Cey
Ron Cey is wearing a Columbo T under his shell suit. Prove me wrong…
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