Columbo Lego set, anyone?


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Columbo collectibles are pretty hard to come by. There are some vintage novels and some ultra-cool 70s’ film posters to be had, but by and large fans have to suffice with just the DVD boxset.

That’s why the idea of a Columbo Lego set really appeals to me. Everyone likes Lego, after all, don’t they? And seeing our favourite Lieutenant immortalised in brick format would be pretty sweet.

I even had a Columbo Lego set on my wishlist of items I’d like to see to commemorate the show’s 50th anniversary in 2018 (read the full list here). Most will never happen. But there is a slim chance Lego Columbo could come to pass if enough fans support the cause.

Lego Columbo: here’s how you can help

An enterprising chap known only as ‘ThomasW’ is trying to get a rather delightful Columbo Lego set through Lego Ideas – which is an ideas platform where sets that would otherwise never see the light of day have a chance to catch the eye, build an audience and become a reality.

“For an idea even to be considered for a set, it needs the support of 10,000 people!”

You can view the set here, and also enjoy the imagery on this page. I think you’ll agree that it’s extremely well done featuring Columbo, ‘Dog’ and the beaten-up Peugeot 403 Cabriolet (which can have it’s roof up or down!).

Columbo Lego set 3There’s no doubt there would be a market for a limited edition run of a Columbo Lego set  amongst fans across the globe. But it really needs active support.

Unfortunately, Lego Ideas doesn’t simply allow one to visit the page, click ‘Like’ and scootle off. To register your support you’ll need to register and create a log-in before you can officially throw your support behind a project. This prevents the same people voting for a project over and over, but does make it more trouble than most people can bear.

The other stumbling block is that for an idea even to be considered for a set, it needs the support of 10,000 people! That’s a massive ask. Still, it can happen. The super-cool Lego Back to the Future DeLorean of a few years ago came through Lego Ideas.

There’s a long way to go with this particular set. At time of writing there are only 257 supporters with nearly a year to go until the idea runs out of time.

So I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether you’d like to support this particular campaign. I have, and I know a few other Columbo fans from the online community have similarly thrown their weight behind it.

But if you do show support, and it does become a reality, you’ll have the very real thrill of knowing that your actions contributed to something wonderful! Plus Mrs Columbo has her heart set on it, and she cries real easily. You know what to do…

Support the Lego Columbo project here

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