Important notice :(


Sad tidings, friends. In July we received the dreaded news that my dear daughter’s cancer has returned.

Although she was given the all-clear from the disease in December 2021, a tumour was picked up in a routine quarterly scan last month and she has already had her first round of chemotherapy. Treatment, including chemo, surgery and megatherapy, is expected to last at least six months.

On the good news front, it was picked up about as early as it could have been, and is in an area much more conducive to successful surgical removal. The gorgeous gal is bearing up to it well thus far, helped no end by her group of lovely friends, and ‘hilarious’ Snapchat photo filters.

While it’s been a shock to the family, we’re determined to shepherd her through it and have high hopes of her beating it for good this time around. What is does mean, though, is the blog will be on the backburner for a while as we get to grips with the situation and its impact on the household.

Any kind thoughts you can spare her will be much appreciated! And I hope to be back at the keyboard before too much time has elapsed, as there is plenty of good content in store.

Until we next meet, be well.

Good vibes only…
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