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G’day gang. Forgive the sheer mundanity of the post, but I thought I’d best alert y’all to some imminent changes to the website lest they cause heart attacks / seizures to long-term readers.

The Columbophile blog has remained virtually unchanged in its appearance since its launch in 2015, largely due to the ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it mentality’ of your gracious host. However, the existing theme of the site is no longer supported, meaning any glitches that rear their ugly heads will have to be fixed manually rather than being taken care of in the background by nebulous and unseen (but not unappreciated) coding whizzes.

Given that my own coding skill ranking lurks somewhere between ‘bungling amateur’ and ‘non-existent’, this bodes ill for the site in its current form. Fear not though, loyal readers, for it is relative child’s play to simply choose another theme and sit back in wonder as the entire website adopts the new looks / features without zillions of hours of hard toil. And that’s what lies in store here.

Will readers be in for a Clifford Paris-style shock?

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve quietly been playing with dozens and dozens of potential new themes for the site (rock ‘n’ roll, I know) with the aim of gentle aesthetic evolution rather than ‘shock to the system’ revolution. The updated site will look a little fresher, with a more exciting homepage and a more pleasing presentation of individual blog posts, but there’ll be nothing to enrage or startle the regular audience.

I’m not sure when the switch will happen but it will occur in the coming days, so be prepared and don’t be alarmed if things look a little different when you next check in. There may be a few teething problems along the way, so I’ll ask for your patience and understanding in advance in case of unexpected matters arising.

It’s time like this I appreciate even more the generosity of those who have donated towards the upkeep of the site these past couple of years. You’re the cream of cream! And I do hope you’ll continue to enjoy the new-look site for many a moon to come…

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All being well, the site changes will be as popularly received as this coat…