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Who is Columbophile?

I am a Columbo super-fan, expert and influencer who loves the character of Lieutenant Columbo and the charm brought to the role by Peter Falk.

My first foray into the online Columbo community came when I started the @columbophile account on Twitter in 2011. I was delighted by the positive response, and the enduring love the world still has for the show. The rest has grown from there.

When I’m not watching the show, or adding pics to the Columbophile Instagram page, or adding to this blog, or reading Columbo books, or expanding my collection of Columbo memorabilia, or updating the Columbophile Facebook page, or walking my basset hound, I live a quiet life with my family in Australia.

Relatively few people in Oz are aware of the greatness of the program, which is why social media has been such a revelation in enabling contact with fans across the world. If you’re a fan of Columbo, or of Peter Falk in general, I’d love to hear from you! I hope you enjoy this site, and I’m always happy to receive feedback – as long as you don’t use language that would upset Mrs Columbo. She cries easily, you know…

Contact Columbophile

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As well as through the social media links above, you can always leave comments on any page of the blog and I’ll pick them up in due course.

If you’ve got ideas for future articles, or just want to say hello, you can email me directly. I do receive a lot of emails, though, so it can take me a while to get back to folks and some may inadvertently pass me by entirely.

I’ve also been interviewed on radio and for a Podcast talking about Columbo fandom, so if you’d ever like to chat about the show for something similar I’d be all ears.

Legal disclaimer

I don’t own or claim to own the copyright of the imagery and videos featured on this site, which are ultimately the property of NBCUniversal. What videos you see on this site are already in the public domain via the official Columbo YouTube channel, or used by me under Fair Use legislation as part of my on-going efforts to thoroughly critique and analyse the series.

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I quit the day job in early 2019 to spend more time on a range of creative projects – chiefly my Columbo activities. If you could find it in your heart to support my endeavours via a small donation at my Buy Me a Coffee page (which accepts Paypal payment), I’ll be eternally grateful. It will help fund site upgrades and allow me to access software and apps to help me produce better Columbo content.

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96 thoughts on “About

  1. Awesome fan-site. Thanks for all your work! To bad europeans as myself can’t watch the episodes on Peecock…. Please add some more fulde episodes here at Columbophiles 😀

  2. Hi from Canada. I am enjoying your blog (more than the newer episodes of Columbo). I also noticed how long they are (2 hours with commercials) but I record them and fast forward through the commercials.
    One thing I enjoyed watching was Peter Falk on Inside the Actors Studio. I assume you e seen it but it would be interesting to see a summary of that episode. He spoke about various idiosyncrasies of Columbo.

  3. I log on to Columbophile a lot – love it! – and post regularly. I found it sad, in learning about Peter Falk’s dementia, that in testing his cognizance, doctors asked him if he remembered a police lieutenant named Columbo, and he replied that he hadn’t. I find that so sad, because Columbo is so loved.

  4. I am watching a 1960 episode of The Untouchables entitled “The Underworld Bank”. Third and fourth billed are Peter Falk (the third Columbo) and Thomas Mitchell (the second). I already knew that they were both in George Cukor’s last Hollywood film, A Pocket Full of Miracles (1961), but I did not know they had already appeared together on the small screen. I cannot find any other connection. One wonders if Mitchell had already agreed to appear in the stage version of “Prescription Murder” when they were filming “Miracles”.

    I have never heard or read of Falk discussing earlier Columbos. Does anyone know if either Falk or Mitchell appeared with Bert Freed, the first Columbo? I cannot find an instance in IMDB, but I didn’t look very hard. It is interesting that Bert Freed appeared in a different Untouchables episode (#1-23) that was broadcast only three weeks earlier than “The Underworld Bank” (#1-26). He also appeared in a McMillan and Wife episode in 1975, while it was rotating with Columbo in the Mystery Movie wheel. It ran just two weeks after “Forgotten Lady”.


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