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Columbo Try and catch me Dog
Here’s a pleasant little pupdate for you all

A very good day to you, loyal reader. A quick note to alert you all to some real-life shenanigans that have slowed my blogging efforts in the past couple of weeks, and will be occupying a sizable chunk of my immediate future.

Firstly, the DREADED COVID finally reached us in Outback Australia, where we’ve been blissfully sheltered these past few years. Both Mrs Columbo and Columbo Junior have been struck down, requiring yours truly to apply my nurse-maiding skillz to the max as they struggled through quarantine. Fortunately, both are now well again and I’ve heroically/luckily (delete as applicable) managed to avoid contracting it myself. Well done me…

If that’s the bad news, here’s the good! After her struggles with cancer last year, my daughter has been granted a PUPPY by Make a Wish Foundation Australia, which we will be collecting next weekend. The dear girl has been waiting ages for the right pup for her to become available, so we’re very excited to welcome the new arrival – even if my attempts to have the beast given a Columbo-related name were rebuffed.

Fetching the pup will involve a 2500-mile round trip by road, however, so I’ll be away on chauffeuring duty for the best part of week, leaving scant time (if any) to afford to the humble blog. If the output is a little lower than normal for the rest of August, please forgive me.

Columbo and Dog
Rumours that our new house pet is a basset hound have yet to be confirmed

However, rest assured that I’ll be doing my best to provide red-hot Columbo content whenever possible and there are some excellent articles in varying stages of completion on the back-burner. I had been making a concerted effort to get the episode reviews on a schedule to allow them all to be completed before the end of the year, but I make no guarantees that will now happen (also I’m not exactly relishing watching Strange Bedfellows).

That’s about all for this update, except to say that if anyone makes a donation to the upkeep of this site in August, I’ll be passing it on to Make a Wish Foundation in recognition of the excellent work they’ve done in boosting my daughter’s spirits and providing her with a companion to treasure! Until next time, adieu…

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Columbo Etude in Black Audrey
Expect such scenes of cuteness at Columbophile HQ in the very near future!
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