Columbo forum now open!

Columbo Robby the Robot
MM7 comes out of retirement to moderate the new Columbo forum!

You can’t beat a good debate with fellow Columbo fans about the merits of the show and its stars – and now you can chat to your heart’s content with like-minded folk on the new Columbo forum.

Although there’s lively debate to accompany each post on this blog in the comments’ section, there hasn’t been a dedicated, central location for more general discussions. Many regular visitors used the reader survey earlier this year to suggest a forum would be just the ticket to quench this proverbial thirst – and I’m delighted to oblige.

“We’re all fans of Columbo here, so please treat your fellow forum users with respect.”

The forum can be visited here, and also accessed via the main navigation at the top of every webpage. I’ve added a few broad categories aimed at kick-starting conversations, but if any more are needed, or you have any feedback at all, please contact me directly! Hopefully, in time, you’ll find plenty to engage and enjoy.

Remember, we’re all fans of Columbo here, so please treat your fellow forum users with friendliness and respect. You don’t have to agree on everything, but personal attacks and trolling won’t be tolerated. Don’t bother spamming, either, damn bots! If in doubt, just be sure you don’t post anything Mrs Columbo wouldn’t like…

Columbo Case of Immunity garden party
Badly behaved forum users will be EJECTED!

The forum was made possible by donations to the ‘Columbophile Buy Me a Coffee‘ page (you brilliant bunch), so a huge thanks to all who have contributed and allowed the site to be upgraded. I’ve also added the ability to rate individual posts and show your approval/disapproval for reader comments, so do get involved! Hopefully there will be more positive site developments to report in the coming months.

Until next time, farewell!

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Death Lends a Hand
I can confirm the forum is available on Google Glass!
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21 thoughts on “Columbo forum now open!

  1. In regards to columbos latest tweet was janie ruths secret daughter I couldn’t even remember who Ruth was and who Janie was. I dont like to critisise any episode too much ( apart from Last salute) but Old fashioned Murder is plain forgettable , I haven’t seen it in ages and i never seem to go out of my way to watch it , so I really couldn’t give an answer to this poll , would be nice if we could get that low ranking episode review published and then get on to the much much more enjoyable and one of my favorites The Bye bye sky high IQ murder , then season 7 which has my very favorite Try and catch Me and also one i like Make me a perfect murder and the respectable how to dial a murder . we look forward Thank you columbophile.

    • I love the donut scene from the bye – bye with Jamie lee Curtis, its very memorable along with many other scenes ,
      The gun in the park , the row between Oliver and Bertie , columbo getting caught in the rain and so on makes the episode a true classic despite being flawed .
      Old fashioned murder just dosent have these scenes just that extremely annoying woman fainting all the time. especially looking forward to Bye -Byes review.

      • The donut scene was very funny and the ending of Bye Bye was one of the best, this episode borders at top 10 for me. Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis…….what a show!

  2. Whatever happened with “Margaret” from Ransom for a Dead Man? ( Patricia Mattick) I know she died of cancer in 2003- Any knows anything more about her? 😞

  3. This is awesome, many thanks for this venue where to share Columbo ideas and info! 👍 Ed from Miami

  4. I love columbo and would watch any episode any time of day , I am also a James bond Fan and I like the connection between bond and columbo for Example

    Donald pleasance / any old port in a storm played blofeld in you only live twice
    Honor blackman/ Dagger of The mind was pussy galore in goldfinger
    Louis Jordan/ murder under glass played a viliian in octopussy
    and whether or not by coincidence the New James bond due to be released is titled NO time to Die , but I wont go down that road , Anyway my point is what a great cast columbo used to recruit if any body knows any more connections between bond and columbo plase fill in .

  5. Congratulations and many thanks, CP, for all the wonderful enjoyment you have provided us here of late. I hate to get started with criticism, but I must protest the suggestion in the photo caption that my favorite detective and all-time TV personality was not well behaved and deservedly ejected from the Suari mission. His Majesty himself acquitted him of all wrongdoing!

    • yes thats a memorable scene , I actually quite enjoy a case of immunity despite it being a mid tier episode.


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